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IPSX Launches Global IP Address Marketplace to Solve a Billion Dollar Problem

Last Updated April 11, 2023 8:11 AM
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Last Updated April 11, 2023 8:11 AM
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Zug Area, Switzerland — October 23

The sharing economy is not limited to physical assets. Aside from cars, apartments, and bicycles, users can now share their Internet Protocol addresses (IPs). IPSX has just launched on mainnet as the first marketplace that allows both individuals and companies to rent IPs from thousands of different places around the world. It uses blockchain technology to a create a decentralized exchange platform where tech companies can securely integrate an unlimited number of IPs from multiple providers.

The IPSX platform  will help companies and individuals monetize something they never realized was an asset — their unused IP addresses. Any large company that uses IPs at their backbone will benefit from a marketplace where they can make use of it to further develop their business.

How IPSX Works

In today’s landscape, multiple businesses, like Data Mining and VPN service providers constantly face problems such as a lack of IP addresses (particularly when companies have spikes in demand), untransparent IP costs, poor quality of IPs, inflexible contracts, tedious user experience, and obsolete technology.

IPSX solves this problem by mapping out all the existing IPs and creating a network where supply meets demand. Through latest technology integrations via SDKs and APIs (until recently there was no framework for securely integrating an unlimited number of IPs), companies can rent IP addresses from any data center or other providers in the world, as well as rent their unused IP addresses to whoever needs them. This way, any company can become a provider or a requester.


IPSX users can monetize their IPs through a dedicated Ethereum-based transaction system that enables direct payments between requesters and providers, increases the liquidity level of the IPs and allows any actor that has available IPs to take part into a multi-billion yearly business that otherwise would be closed.

Main Features

  • Transparent, flexible costs where users will only pay for what they use.
  • High-quality IPs that are not already banned and are easily interchangeable.
  • Easy management for both individuals and large corporations that can manage all their rented IPs from one easy-to-use interface that does not require technical knowledge.
  • Security provided by blockchain and smart contracts.


Independent reviews  are already praising the platform for its useful service. They appreciate the wide variety of international IPs that can be rented on IPSX  for any amount of hours or weeks, or for the amount of traffic they use. This is a significant improvement on traditional VPN providers since it lets users pay exactly for what they use. More so, users have commented on how easy it is to use IPSX, taking them only five minutes between order and activation.

Building Services on Top of the IPSX Ecosystem

The mainnet encompasses only a small portion of the IPSX team’s vision, which promises more features to come shortly. The most prominent features to come are:

  • Extending the possibility of sharing additional resources beyond IP addresses (for example storage capabilities).
  • Adding a layer of services. Several directions considered are cybersecurity, Big Data, and micro-tasks services.
  • Launching a grant program for people or companies that want to join the IPSX ecosystem and that want to build services on top of the IPSX platform.

About IPSX

IPSX is a decentralized exchange platform for sharing IPs and a framework for building applications on top of the existing IPs shared by the community members and companies. Using smart contracts, blockchain protocols, and a utility token incentivized mechanism, it allows users to share IPs all over the world in a reliable and open source environment.

For more details about IPSX, please visit https://ip.sx/  or write an email at [email protected].