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Introducing Chronoswiss: Swiss-made Watches Immortalised on the Blockchain

Last Updated May 3, 2023 11:24 AM
Last Updated May 3, 2023 11:24 AM

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Tech Bureau Europe, one of Japan’s foremost Crypto-Fintech labs , has announced the unveiling of an exclusive online store for crypto-influenced watches in collaboration with Chronoswiss . This first-of-its-kind collaboration connects buyers to a seamless and user-friendly online shop that enables them to explore the story behind each of the five, crypto-themed timepieces available.

Leveraging the blockchain that inspired its creation –  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zaif, NEM or COMSAChronoswiss ’ timepieces all have their digital certificates issued on the blockchain making every purchase secure and tamperproof. These exclusive timepieces have been produced with the highest attention to details, backed by a rich tradition and exquisite craftsmanship. Each timepiece has a unique figure cut into the wrist to reflect its authenticity and assure owners of the highest level of quality. Commenting on the partnership, Mathias Schmid, Tech Bureau Europe Ltd., Switzerland stated;

“With Chronoswiss as our partner, we were able to successfully manifest our vision of five cryptocurrency-inspired luxury watches.”

Chronoswiss ’ exclusive line of crypto-themed timepieces are limited a hundred and one pieces (101 pieces) per blockchain theme. The themes are based on what the blockchain embodies and are modelled as follows:


  • Bitcoin – The currency
  • NEM – The harvest
  • Ethereum – The contract
  • Zaif – The exchange
  • COMSA – The token

Speaking on the selected themes, Oliver Ebstein, Owner, and CEO of Chronoswiss, had this to say;

“With this homage to cryptocurrencies, Chronoswiss is combining the roots of traditional watchmaking expertise with the digital revolution of the new global currencies. It is thus more than natural to be curious and open-minded about the future. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are the future, which Chronoswiss is also actively following and supporting. That is why we are proud to use blockchain as a marketing tool and a means of certifying our timepieces.”

Cooperation with LuxTag blockchain platform

Each watch details in the Chronoswiss Blockchain Series, including the serial number and the warranty period, will be duly registered registered on LuxTag’s blockchain platform. LuxTag is a NEM-based service provider  leveraging the cutting-edge refinements of the blockchain to combat theft and counterfeit. The company’s digitised tagging solutions is rapidly becoming the go to solution for luxury goods, especially in the watch and jewellery sector.

About Chronoswiss

Chronoswiss  was one of the breakthrough story of the quartz crisis in 1983. The belief of its visionary founders in the mechanical watch, backed by an unrelenting entrepreneurial spirit, ingenuity and an unmistakable design using sapphire glass to encase it lead to instant recognition following the launch of its first series of production.

Headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland, Chronoswiss  became a leading force in the revival of the Swiss watchmaking industry throughout the nintes and is now reinventing its most successful model, the Regulator, for the 21st century, inspired by the revolutionary blockchain technology.

The family-run, independent brand only manufactures a few thousand watches annually based on its strict standard and exquisite tradition. These luxurious timepieces are exported to over 26 countries and are available for purchase from more than 150 selected watch retailers globally.

About Tech Bureau Holdings, Corp.

Tech Bureau Holdings is a blockchain-based solution provider for the FinTech industry with subsidiaries in the USA and in Switzerland. The Swiss subsidiary provides consultation, expertise, and technical solutions for the optimization and enhancements of businesses looking to integrate the blockchain into their operations.

Tech Bureau Holdings has launched Mijin v.2 as an open-source-project, enabling users to amply try out Mijin as a private blockchain through Microsoft Azure for 30 days. The company is also on track to unveil a one-stop solution for Token Generation Events, «COMSA»

For more information, please see the following URLs:

Online shop –  https://blockchainseries.ch 

COMSA – https://comsa.io/en/ 

Mijin – http://mijin.io/en 

Chronoswiss – https://chronoswiss.com