Instacoin Adds Two Bitcoin ATMs in Montreal Bringing Their Total To 7 In Quebec

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November 25, 2014 12:20 PM UTC
Instacoin ATM

Instacoin continues it steady growth in Quebec by adding two more Bitcoin ATMs in Montreal. Instacoin is a group of independently owned ATMs throughout the Quebec province. The goals are to bring Bitcoin awareness, promotion and ATMs to Canadian in Quebec.

Their first Lamassu Bitcoin ATM launched in June of this year. Instacoins goal of getting Bitcoin out to more people has been a success so far. Their two new locations are at La Belle Province 3608, boul Saint-Laurent, Montréal, QC and Ottavio Restaurant 1134 Marcel-Laurin Saint-Laurent, QC. The newest two bring their total up to 7 Bitcoin ATMs in Quebec.

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Growing Bitcoin Availability and Education in Montreal

Montreal and the surrounding area has been on board with Bitcoin for quite some time having a Bitcoin Embassy as well.

From the Bitcoin Embassy’s website.

The mission of the Bitcoin Embassy is to inform, educate and assist on the use of Bitcoin and related crypto-technologies while advancing their global uses and adoption.

The Bitcoin Embassy acts as a collaborative networking & meeting space in Montreal, where experienced Bitcoiners, startups and newcomers can share business ideas and develop them through its startup incubator.

By encouraging dialogue between businesses, banks, the media, and regulators, the Bitcoin Embassy aims to provide guidelines about compliance with Canadian laws when dealing with cryptocurrencies.

It is wonderful seeing more Bitcoin availability and education in Montreal. Instacoin is not stopping with just ATMs either. They have an ambitious goal – launching a mobile Bitcoin wallet and search engine to help facilitate the adoption and use of Bitcoin all under the Instacoin brand. While they are getting there with the wallets, they have a Bitcoin ATM search engine up and running along with easy links to several wallets. Instacoin is a company to watch and their expansion, as they bring their tools online, will make them even better.

What do you think of Instacoin’s ATMs, wallets and new projects? Comment below!

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