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InfraCoins: To blockchain and beyond – Decentralized Real Estate Platform for Booking and Listing

Last Updated April 14, 2023 3:08 AM
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Last Updated April 14, 2023 3:08 AM
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The cryptocurrency and blockchain space represents the future of property listing for apartments, villas, hotel rooms and office spaces. InfraCoins aims to assist in enabling these services to reach the threshold of transition from fiat to crypto by developing a platform focused on the practical application of smart contracts and blockchain technology in real estate and hotel booking transactions.

Built on the blockchain, it is a decentralized open source booking and listing system. With an integrated marketplace that enables hoteliers and property owners, to list their properties to buy/sell/rent, manage bookings and collect payments,  InfraCoins ecosystem is set to break the current norms.

A simple use case for hoteliers could be listing his hotel room on the website at a discounted price. Discount can be directly transferred to the end user instead of the aggregator.

Also, an owner of an open co-work office space can list even a single cubicle for a freelancer. He can book the cubicle for an hour, a day or for a whole month.

There are multiple use-cases which can be thought about from renting, buying, home stays, vacations, etc.


The transactions are done using Smart Contracts in INF tokens, thus eliminating the need for any third party participant and their higher charges. InfraCoins charges only a small fee for consuming the services, which is billed to both the parties after the transaction is completed. This helps in building the value of InfraCoins within the ecosystem.

VIP sale with minimum purchase of USD 1000 is set to start on 7th July 2018 and ends on 14th July 2018 . Patrons who purchase during VIP sale will be able to get 1 INF for USD 0.70 and also will get additional 5% tokens. To be able to participate one must register with us prior to purchasing the tokens.

VIP sale advantages: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBgtnyNq9xQ 

For more information related to the rest of token sale and about our project visit our website https://www.InfraCoins.com/.