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Influencer Marketing Platform Patron Kicks off Public Token Generation Event as Major Partnerships Are Forged

Last Updated May 3, 2023 10:50 AM
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Last Updated May 3, 2023 10:50 AM

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Influencer marketing is a relatively new format of advertising products and services. Popular social media figures are approached by firms and organizations that offer products and services in the social media player’s niche. The public influencer gets free products or items to use and a blog or a vlog mentions the product and the company, giving exposure of the organization directly to people who are interested in those sort of things. This creates a win-win situation for all.

Patron – Influencers And Firms

Patron  is a Japanese startup that attempts to bring social media influencers and brands together. In the current scenario, brands spend a lot of time and resources searching for that perfect influencer to promote their products. Likewise, influencers are always in need of connecting with brands and firms to try out products, rate them and increase their following.

Patron  solves the connectivity dilemma by creating a platform where both type of parties can connect, find the perfect influencer or brand, strike a deal and get right on to work. As a decentralized platform, Patron not only helps in connecting, but allows for easier, faster and secure transmission of any monetary involvement. The platform allows smart contracts so transactions are automated. The elimination of brokers and banks by the P2P network allows for forms to shell out lower volumes of money and influencers still reap higher profits. Patron will have a web based interface and a mobile application for ease of use.

Partnerships And Achievements

Patron  is on a roll of connecting with people all around the world. The developers are themselves influencers and know that exposure and success is directly related to making the right connections. As such, they have made the following achievements:


  • Exchanges: Apart from HitBTC, Patron has recently connected with Kucoin, A Hong Kong based exchange to list their tokens.
  • Hashgraph: The team is looking into possibilities of shifting to Hashgraph, a nextgen decentralized ledger that has better speed and security.
  • Advisors: The team of advisors include Shintaro Akita, CEO of Global Energy Holdings, Keith Teare, Co-Founder TechCrunch and even Hashgraph advisor, Allen Cohen.
  • Media SponsorsPatron  has recently secured sponsorship in a major national level broadcast.
  • Richard Levin: A top 10 securities lawyer in the US, he will advise and lead all Patron’s’ US efforts to have compliant token distributions and other businesses.

The PAT Token Sale

PAT, the native token on Patron ’s platform, has already run through its private and initial events, raising $15,000,000 in the process. With a cap of $40,000,000, it has already crossed the halfway point. The main event has started on 27th of March, 2018 and will run for a month, ending on 26th April, 2018. Investors at this stage are offered a 35% bonus. The ERC20 standard token PAT is available for 1 PAT = 0.5 USD and a minimum contribution of 0.1 ETH or 0.01 BTC is required.

For more information on the influencer platform, visit their websitehttps://patron-ico.io/