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ICBCoin – More Than a Cryptobank, Which Entered ICO to Combine Banking, Cryptocurrency and Forging on One Platform

Last Updated April 26, 2023 4:07 AM
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Last Updated April 26, 2023 4:07 AM
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Global cryptocurrencies popularization is so large today that it is hardly to find a person who uses the Internet daily and at the same time hasn`t heard anything about Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies, as a digital asset which has a number of advantages, attract investors from all over the world. To date, the crypto market volume, as the sum of 1615 existing cryptocurrencies capitalization, is about 345 billion dollars. If we talk about the prospects for the cryptocurrency market development, according to the most restrained forecasts, the volume of the crypto-economy will be about three trillion dollars by 2020 and in about 8 years’ time it will amount to ten trillion. Thus, it is safe to say that in the near future cryptobanks will become a link between every person`s everyday life and the decentralized economy.

If we talk about the cryptobanking advantages, they are obvious. They include high speed of transactions and their low cost, as well as lack of borders for international payments. And the market volume is huge, of course, as well as the number of potential customers. When developing the idea of the ICBCoin platform  creation, its founders proceeded not only from all of the above cryptobanking advantages. They decided to go further, and to create a platform, within which it will be possible to solve a lot of problems that the cryptobanks already existing at the market do not allow to solve.

What is the ICBCoin?

ICBCoin is a new generation cryptocurrency blockchain platform that includes three main components: banking service, cryptocurrency and forging. It turns out that anyone who wants to use the ICBCoin service will be able to receive banking services in the cryptocurrency, as well as earn tokens of the platform itself through forging. In addition, users will have access to a variety of paired services that will simplify and protect the use of the platform. Let’s take a closer look at the main and additional services of the platform.

Cryptobank with advanced functionality from ICBCoin

Associating the ICBCoin platform  with a traditional cryptobank will be not quite true, although its users will be able to receive traditional banking services only in cryptocurrency. This includes making payments and transfers, providing deposits, as well as issuing credits. Money transfers through ICBCoin will allow to instantly send cryptocurrency to residents of different countries. In addition, the ICBCoin classification of money transfers into the simple (1 ICBC) and private (5 ICBC) ones will provide additional security when sending digital assets. The transactions security is provided by the ICBCoin explorer, allowing to view detailed information about transactions and account status. Thus, by transferring cryptocurrency through the platform, the user will not only be able to do it quickly and with a minimum transaction fee, but also securely. A built-in e-wallet will allow the users to accept and store various cryptocurrencies and carry out their subsequent conversion to the platform coins to use its services.

Regarding such products as deposits and credits, within the ICBCoin they can be obtained for the coins of the platform, divided into three types: “Gold”, “Silver” and “Credit” coins. The deposits are based on the “Gold” and “Silver” coins, the interest rate varies depending on the coin. In addition, the “Silver” is transformed into the “Credit” coin through trading on the platform’s internal exchange, after which it is blocked on the creditor’s account and automatically debited from the borrower’s account at the end of the credit term. The “Gold ” is the external and main coin of the platform, which can be withdrawn and exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, while the “Silver” is the internal coin, required for an exchange for the “Gold” and “Credit”. Having its own internal exchange, ICBCoin allows the users to earn on coins such as “Gold” and “Credit”. Moreover, it is possible to earn income from such a coin as the “Gold” through the deposits and forging; and from the “Silver” coin – through depositing, lending and forging. Thus, ICBCoin  will not only provide convenient and secure banking services in cryptocurrency, but also will allow to earn money by using the platform.


International Crypto Bank Token

In addition to the coins, the platform has its own “useful” token, which is necessary to maintain the platform operation and proper functioning of all its services. Besides, the ICBT will serve as a reward for those users who participate in the ICBCoin life and development. The number of issued tokens is limited and so is the number of the ICBT presented for sale at the ICO.

Now the project is running a presale (from May 21 to June 11), the funds raised from it will be directed to the global marketing campaign and directly to the ICBCoin platform development. It should be noted that according to the project’s creators, the platform demo version is currently under testing and you can find its interface on the ICBCoin official website .

The ICBT token is presented for sale at the price of 0.003 ETH. However, there is a bonus system for investors throughout all stages of the sale. So, if the token is purchased at the presale stage, the bonus amount from the token price will be 70%. In addition, for those participants who register before May 28, there is also a registration bonus of 2%. After the end of the presale, the Pre-ICO starts, which will be held in three rounds, within each of which the 60%, 50% and 40% bonuses will also be available respectively. The main stage of the token sale will also feature bonuses, but not so significant, however it is fair to note that they will remain and will amount to 30%, 20% and 10%.

In addition to the bonus system, the ICBCoin project  has a referral and bounty programs. So, within the first, for the attracted referral, who acquires the ICBT token, you can get a 5% bonus. On the basis of the current bounty campaign, anyone who supports the project in various social networks or in the media can also receive a reward. Thus, by taking part in the ICO or supporting ICBCoin in the Net, acquiring tokens or receiving them as a reward, anyone becomes a participant of the new generation crypto platform. Joining the project now, thanks to the bonus program, you can get the most out of the expected growth in the ICBCoin cost in the near future, which will be provided not only by the platform advantages, but also by the platform’s creators participation in this process by redirecting a significant part of the profit to the purchase of tokens at the market rate.