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Ibinex B2B White Label Crypto Exchange Announces White Paper Release

Last Updated April 20, 2023 1:34 AM
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Last Updated April 20, 2023 1:34 AM
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Global crypto to crypto exchange platform – Ibinex – released their White Paper earlier this month revealing a seamless new way to trade crypto.

The White Paper highlights the team’s belief that in order to unlock the limitless monetary and social possibilities delivered by blockchain technologies, there must first be a fundamental shift in societal viewpoint and people’s concept of money.

The team at Ibinex believes that until digital currency exchange is understood and embraced, it can’t be fully utilized for savings, trade, or investment. Set to expand the interconnectivity of the global crypto exchange market, Ibinex is making crypto even more accessible to pre-existing financial companies and individual traders.

The company first launched as a service providing access to Bitcoin liquidity to foreign exchange companies. Headquartered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines initially, Ibinex  now has offices in New York, Israel, Panama, Manila, and Estonia. With a global fintech team made up of more than 100 experts spanning 14 countries, Ibinex has created a fully set-up cryptocurrency exchange that buyers can rebrand and manage themselves.  In short – an EU licensed private-label crypto exchange that can be built for clients in 3 weeks.

The company received its Estonian license in June enabling companies to utilize the Ibinex platform and its all-inclusive bundle of cryptocurrency exchange features, most notably, the competitive advantage of EU regulation. This regulation includes banking, exchange and wallet approvals. The EU licensure is just one part of Ibinex’s robust and long-term licensing roadmap planned for the upcoming years.


The White Paper  addresses the fact that due to a lack of transparency and inconsistent regulation across the crypto space along with technical issues, lack of liquidity, large price discrepancies between exchanges and the absence of exchange interconnectivity, widespread adoption is being hindered.

The Ibinex innovative plug and play solution include complete platform build-out and full 24/7 back-end support, eliminating costly fees that previously prohibited and discouraged private institutions and individual traders from setting up their own crypto exchange.

In-keeping with the ethos of the crypto ecosystem, Ibinex will eliminate intermediaries who have up until now slowed the positive flow of beneficial digital currency information and exchange.  Ibinex has built a formula to build a crypto network of global interconnectivity that will further expand global peer to peer crypto networks, B2B transactions, and an international sharing community.

In addition to full build-out support, Ibinex offers KYC/onboarding, fiat to crypto processing, custodianship, a fully EU regulated environment all with zero set-up fee. Ibinex engineers and web developers customize each individual platform to meet requirements from both novice to complex traders including APIs, order types, coins, wallets, and 3rd party integrations.

The White Paper discusses the latest version of the Ibinex platform which will feature a fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system allowing exchanges to better organise customer data and improved versions of its KYC/AML systems, better liquidity connections as well as enhanced user interface software.

Ibinex is putting more emphasis on corporate transparency and has published the identities of its team members and founders in the White Paper as well as details of the company’s three-year product roadmap. The new release of the Ibinex platform and the added transparency will help fuel the team’s quest for innovations across all sectors of the crypto economy.

The White Paper communicates the Ibinex team’s strong effort to promote the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and its related technological requirements for enthusiasts, developers, regulators, technologists, practitioners and users globally through the use of hard-data research. The mission of Ibinex is to support and coordinate the efforts of the crypto community by helping to create greater awareness of the benefits of blockchain technology through a concerted effort in educational research.

According to Ibinex, blockchain, with its myriad of benefits, most significantly creates a shared trusted value and this shared trust eliminates the need for a trustee, or an authority acting as the middleman to authorize a transaction, essentially controlling the entire process.

The Ibinex White Paper details the breakthroughs blockchain has offered and shares the ways in which blockchain can store anything of use digitally, thereby proving to be a tremendous asset to the education, science, technology, computer science and business sectors.

Ibinex points out that essentially any field that requires a safe way to collect and store massive amounts of information through a decentralized platform will benefit from the blockchain. Much like cryptocurrency, blockchain is still a virtually new technology but has vast potential and possible innovations.

Ibinex is hopeful that through the new platform release combined with the crypto community’s shared research, more information will be widely used and disseminated by all sectors of development to make the case for cryptocurrency taking the prominent position in economic development it deserves.

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