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Hotels: The Importance of Blockchain Technology

Last Updated May 18, 2023 10:07 AM
Guest Writer
Last Updated May 18, 2023 10:07 AM
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If you pay attention to what is happening in the world of technology, a tendency to use blockchain in many industries, including tourism, is quite obvious. A team of DeskBell developers, a hotel industry app with a lot of experience, analyzed this situation and concluded, that blockchain is exactly what is needed to significantly improve the service and raise its standards.

DeskBell  app appeared three years ago. It started in 2015 and then, month by month, year after year it was tested and improved by all team members. The main goal was to provide users with immediate access to all the relevant information about the services of the hotel, where the guest stays. In the meantime, a whole bunch of similar apps appeared – for separate hotels or chains – and it only proves the importance of DeskBell project technology. The next step was to transform the service into one all-inclusive app, which integrates all hotels in the world, including chain hotels, such as Sheraton or Hilton. The database was growing almost every month and now is moving towards a one-million benchmark.

Now the team prepares for a new step, which requires the usage of the blockchain, an in-demand and promising technology. Why is it relevant for DeskBell Chain? First, the usage of blockchain is much safer, so it increases the trust level for the platform and its rewards system. The usage of blockchain technology is transparent, which allows eliminating participation of third parties, and legal difficulties, related to providing warranty for all parties, which is very important in an international project.

Second, blockchain gives developers an opportunity to create the first hotel cryptocurrency. DeskBell token (DBT), as we already mentioned, will be used as a reward for users for doing some tasks, similar to those mentioned above, and will be used as internal currency to pay for DeskBell services. And third, blockchain-based cryptocurrency provides opportunities to create flexible marketing campaigns with mutual motivation mechanisms. Which means that after registration in the system, all hotels, local businesses and users will participate in a mutual and, what’s more important, motivated offer exchange. For example, an advertiser (a restaurant or a club) creates a task, as simple as to click on ad or to go to an event and take a picture there. Upon completing the task, a reward – DBT tokens – will be given to both the user and the place where the task was shown to the guest (such as the hotel where he stays). As we can see, everybody gets what they want: hotel and users get tokens, and local businesses – the advertising of their services.

These factors were the main incentives to launch DeskBell Chain project all over the world and contributed to the decision of developers to use blockchain technology.


At this moment, we are working on the DeskBell Chain blockchain prototype, as well as including it into existing DeskBell app and placing it to Google Play and App Store. “Blockchain is the future”  – developers say – and implementation of blockchain is a natural result of our thoughtful decision “. The team will keep users updated during the process and promises, that everyone will appreciate blockchain very soon.

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