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HolyTransaction Opens Its Doors to the World of Bitcoin 2.0 With Mastercoin Webwallet

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM
Carter Graydon
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM

noveltylabHolyTransaction , a universal cryptocurrency wallet, announced today that they are extending their support to the Mastercoin protocol and all of the Mastercoin’s smart properties. Mastercoin uses the Bitcoin blockchain to store records and data and allows users to create their own digital tokens and by that creating smart properties. Smart properties enable the online exchange of assets such as bonds, real estate, and stocks with the security, efficiency and low-cost of the Bitcoin protocol.

“The Mastercoin Protocol can be used for things such as decentralized crowdfunding, asset management, and user currencies all by creating tokens built on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain.” – Simonetti, co-founder of HolyTransaction

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HolyTransaction By NoveltyLab

HolyTransaction was developed by NoveltyLab and is a transparent universal cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to store multiple cryptocurrencies, and now assets, in one location. Holytransaction has been positioning themselves to support many developments in the world of decentralized applications. What is known as Bitcoin 2.0 is just one of these developments.

“We believe that digital asset transfer protocols will replace outdated bureaucratic rituals in the near future and are extremely happy to push towards this direction,“ – Andrey Zamovskiy, CEO of HolyTransaction.

Early attempts by Zamovskiy to set up a commercial bitcoin product include BitMerch. BitMerch allowed businesses to accept Bitcoin on websites, and while he was able to sign up over 1,000 customers with BitMerch, bitcoin sales were minimal. After this Zamovskiy began working starting a business in the Ukraine that would have allowed people to buy Bitcoin with credit cards, but even this proved to have it’s difficulties. It was then that Zamovskiy moved to the United States and eventually began HolyTranscations.

HolyTranscations not only allows users to hold multiple cryptocurrency in one wallet but also exchanged one cryptocurrency for another – much like services traditional banks offer.

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