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Heshu Wallet: To Be the Safest and Most Convenient Management Device for Digital Asset

Last Updated April 26, 2023 3:28 AM
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Last Updated April 26, 2023 3:28 AM
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“The blockchain technology is the neural network of the human intelligent society in the future.” Ms. Li Siqi, general manager of Shanghai Heshu Software Co., Ltd. said: “Our country pays much attention to the blockchain technology and puts the blockchain into the “13th Five-Year” strategic development plan. Heshu Software will strive to create more landing applications in the blockchain industry.”

Heshu Wallet – Mobile Safe for Digital Assets

Talking about the original intentions of R&D of Heshu Wallet, Ms. Li Siqi said that Heshu Wallet was mainly developed for the rapid increase in demand for digital assets in Japan and South Korea. At current international market, digital asset holders attach more importance to the management security of assets, and digital assets will become one of the important investment assets for the future.

Therefore, the hardware products that keep digital assets safe will have a huge market, and Heshu Wallet is designed to provide users with the most secure digital asset management solutions to protect the security of digital assets, which will become your mobile safe.

Which Aspects Does Heshu Wallet Show Its Security?


First, hardware. Heshu Wallet uses the most professional encryption chip, and the chip is widely used in highly-confidential industries such as finance. The chip has a self-destructed protective memory area. When the chip detects any unauthorized intrusion, it will permanently delete all the information.

Second, software. With the use of blockchain distributed technology, each system operation is independent, thus ensuring that the system is not attacked as a whole. At the same time, it supports multi-signature authentication, supporting jointly assets management for multiple parties and providing multiple security guarantees for users.

Heshu Wallet Provides Maximum Convenience for Digital Asset Holders

Compared with similar products, one of the major advantages of Heshu Wallet is that it has a number of built-in mainstream exchanges around the world, allowing digital assets to be traded anywhere and anytime, providing users with great convenience. And it supports withdrawals and instant arrival for Bitcoin ATM machine. At present, more than 30 kinds of high-quality digital assets are managed, and it will be iteratively updated in the future with version upgrades.

To Push Chinese Manufacturing onto the International Stage

With regard to the future development of Heshu Wallet, Ms. Li Siqi said that Heshu Wallet is mainly a digital asset security management product designed for Japan and South Korea and other overseas markets. It uses the most advanced security technology and the highest quality hardware facilities during the early stages of development, which has also been recognized by the industry. Long-term communication has been maintained so that Chinese manufacturing could be pushed onto the international stage. It’s the goal of the team that products could be widely used.

On June 8th, 2018, Shanghai Heshu Software Co., Ltd. will launch a “Heshu Wallet Attack and Defense Activity”, setting up a bonus pool of up to 20 bitcoins and inviting domestic and foreign security experts to challenge together and escort for Heshu Wallet.

Company Name: Shanghai Heshu Software Co., Ltd.

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