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Harvey Weinstein Catching Coronavirus is Cosmic Karma

Last Updated March 17, 2023 3:43 AM
Kate Prince
Last Updated March 17, 2023 3:43 AM

Harvey Weinstein tests positive for Covid-19 and the world is unanimous. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Is it wrong to celebrate?

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  • Convicted predator Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for Covid-19.
  • The 68-year-old disgraced media mogul is currently in isolation.
  • Several staff members that have come into contact with Weinstein are in quarantine.

Harvey Weinstein has officially caught the coronavirus.  The fallen media savant was jailed on March 11th for 23 years after being convicted of sexual assault. While it was only his crimes against two women that saw Harvey finally placed behind bars, dozens more have accused him of further atrocities.

Thanks to a plethora of evidence and strong testimony, the judge locked up the former producer and threw away the key earlier this month. Weinstein was swiftly shuttled up to Wende correctional facility in upstate New York to start his sentence. Most of us thought Harvey might finally have some time to catch feelings over the heinous acts he’s committed…

That may be the case, but there’s a cherry on top of the Sundae. He also caught the coronavirus. Yes, the one that’s plaguing the Earth as we speak.

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Harvey Weinstein Catching Corona Is His Just Desserts

Let me just get one thing straight. Covid-19 is a horrible virus that we’re all battling. The devastating spread of it is going to leave a profound impact for years to come. It’s nothing short of terrifying. I just can’t help but feel that in this case, it’s the cosmic karma that we were all waiting for.

This is a man who built his career on exploiting women in every sense of the world. He actively flourished and profited from the pain of others. Isn’t it poetic that finally, all these years later, he caught the coronavirus – most probably from touching something infected? Yes, touching. Something Harvey has proved himself so good at.

Harvey Isn’t A Healthy Guy

It might go without saying, but Harvey Weinstein isn’t a healthy guy. I’m not just talking about mentally – we all know he’s very sick in that department – but physically. Photographs of the producer hobbling to and from court using a Zimmer frame were heavily plastered across the tabloids, but Harvey’s health issues reportedly extend way beyond that.

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His people claim that Harvey has diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems, all of which place him firmly in the high-risk category for Covid-19. One of his lawyers said on Sunday that they were “concerned” given Harvey’s health. That’s nice and all, but how does the general population feel?

As it turns out, not too bad.

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There Is A Downside

Of course, as much as we would all like to kick our heels up and do a collective boogie at this news, there’s a downside. There’s always a downside. Several members of staff that have come into contact with Weinstein have been placed in isolation. These are innocent people just doing their job, protecting the rest of us from the scum of the Earth.

To them, and anyone else that Harvey has ever corrupted with his wandering hands, we salute you. Your sacrifice has not been in vain.

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