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Global Crypto Marketplace Alphateca is Open

Last Updated May 13, 2023 4:55 AM
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Last Updated May 13, 2023 4:55 AM
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The official launch of the new trading platform Alphateca  took place in the end of June. At first sight, there are a few differences from other trading platforms. Nevertheless, there are no alternatives in the world, as on Alphateca any user can sell or buy different goods and services anywhere in the world using cryptocurrency. The platform allows you to purchase many items and services in one place. In a few clicks you can find the product you are interested in, immediately contact the seller and make a purchase. No additional fees are added to transactions and no interest is lost in case of international money transfer. The seller receives cryptocurrency on his wallet in a few minutes, no matter where he is.

Usage of cryptocurrency gives new opportunities to Alphateca users. Firstly, the blockchain technology allows carrying out the most transparent operations, preserving the user’s privacy. Secondly, cryptocurrency increases the speed of all transactions and provides an opportunity to use Alphateca anywhere in the world. In addition, one can use additional services on Alphateca to trade even safer, more profitable and more convenient. For example, Hold service. This is a fully automatic system, which transfers the buyer’s cryptocurrency to a secure wallet and transfers it to the seller after some time (Hold period). The presence of Hold in the transaction prevents the buyer from cheating on the one hand and confirms his serious intentions for the seller on the other hand. For example, Hold is a great tool when planning holidays and rental housing. Hold is automatically “defrosted” on the day of arrival if the buyer has not canceled the payment for any reason. The presence of Hold guarantees the seller that the entire amount has already been paid by the buyer, and the buyer can check the conditions specified in the lease announcement, before further movement of funds.

The main mission of the Alphateca team is to develop and simplify international online trading based on cryptocurrencies, as we strongly believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the future of the global financial system.


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