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GEMERA, A Colombian Emerald Backed Crypto Asset

Last Updated May 18, 2023 9:49 AM
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Last Updated May 18, 2023 9:49 AM
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The Token Presale of GEMERA, the only crypto asset backed by Certified Colombian Emeralds, is already available for investors, who will be granted with a 20% bonus.

This period will be open until the end of May or until all the tokens are sold out. Investors who are interested in acquiring this asset, which runs in the Ethereum blockchain technology, must subscribe in GEMERA’s webpage. 

GEMERA tokens are created through Proof of Assets (PoA), which means tokens will be issued depending on the availability of emeralds, and when they are stored in a security vault of a safe deposit box company in Hong Kong.

The characteristics, price, pictures, video and certification of the emeralds currently in stock in Hong Kong can be seen in detail at GEMERA Project’s marketplace. 

GEMERA was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with knowledge and passion for the blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency world, whose challenge has been to create a token that could be converted into pairs in exchanges and be as well redeemed for Colombian emeralds.


Its main purpose is to connect directly the emerald producers with the final customers, through the benefits granted by the blockchain technology, providing in that manner a more democratic, transparent and accessible way to invest in these gemstones.

Why Colombian emeralds?

Emeralds are excellent as a store of value due to their beauty and scarcity. The most famous come from Colombia, because of their unique characteristics that make them desired and valuable all over the world.

Each one of the emeralds stored in Hong Kong are certified by a gem laboratory, and undergo a process to set up their price, taking into account their color, clarity, carat and cut, criteria used by gemologists and gemstone traders, whose support has been decisive to design a transparent model to establish the quality of the emeralds and therefore their price.

That way, GEMERA holders can be sure that the emeralds stored in Hong Kong and exhibited in the marketplace have the right price in GEMERAs according to their quality, in case the holders want to redeem their tokens for emeralds, during the redemption process, which is available once a year.

As GEMERA works hand in hand with emerald producers, it only binds with those companies with good environmental practices in the extraction of emeralds and with corporate social responsibility standards that seek for the integrity of their workers, as well as other stakeholders, and the improvement of their quality of life.

GEMERA is more than a token. GEMERA is more than emeralds. GEMERA is trust, value, and transparency.

Join GEMERA’s Token Presale: www.gemera.io 

GEMERA’S White Paper: https://src.gemera.io/src/GemeraWhitePaper.pdf 

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