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Free-to-Play Crypto Mining Game Ether Kingdoms Finishes Beta Testing

Last Updated April 25, 2023 1:05 PM
Last Updated April 25, 2023 1:05 PM

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The free-to-play (F2P) business model has been part of the gaming landscape for some years now, with freemium being the most common variety. It allows a game developer to rapidly reach a large audience and generate income via player microtransactions to purchase new or upgraded characters, weapons, costumes, or other collectibles. Additionally, players can often trade items among themselves. It has been proven highly successful, with Team Fortress 2, Clash of Clans and Fortnite Battle Royale being notable examples. The format is seemingly here to stay, and we are now seeing F2P gaming being combined with blockchain technology. Enter Ether Kingdoms , a blockchain-based strategy game.

What is Ether Kingdoms?

According to its creators, Ether Kingdoms  is the first ever blockchain-based F2P game to offer PoS (proof-of-stake) mining, and it’s now officially out of beta testing. The game is based on its own PoS cryptocurrency, imps (IMP). The IMP token is currently being traded on the Mercatox  and Forkdelta  exchanges, with the team working to have IMP listed on others before long. A fully-functional mobile version of the game is due for release in the first quarter of 2019.

Mine Imps Profitably

Imps have a dual purpose in the game, as they are not just tokens, but key characters via which players can earn real money in the form of mining rewards (up to 1% per day) by sending them into the mine. 1% is reached by sending in the maximum number of imps (10,000), and players are guaranteed a constant profit to make this feasible.

Fighting and Artifacts

Ether Kingdoms  also features fighting, with players having the ability to send their imps to fight against an opponent. The fighting is simple and handled automatically, with players boosting their chances of winning via the use of artifacts, which their imps can be equipped with.


Artifacts are collectible game items that are stored on the blockchain as non-fungible ERC721 tokens. These can be bought, traded or exchanged with other players or sold on special platforms, such as OpenSea . In addition, they allow players to enter weekly leaderboards.

Ether Kingdoms’ Business Model

As Ether Kingdoms  was based on its own IMP token from the start, no ICO or presale was required. The total token supply has been set at 13 million, with the token distribution as follows:

  •      15% reserved for team and future development fund
  •      10% for leaderboards and airdrops
  •      75% available for mining

According to the developers, the main development and marketing costs are covered by the team themselves.

August Release and Integration of CryptoKitties Tokens

Ether Kingdoms will introduce a raft of new features in its August release, including extra levels, artifacts, purchasable loot boxes, and more.

Additionally, following the August release, CryptoKitties  tokens will be compatible with Ether Kingdoms and usable in the game as pets. This is significant as CryptoKitties, the first game built on the Ethereum blockchain, boasted 250,000 registered users as of January, 2018.

More to Come

The Ether Kingdoms’ team is promising more new material for players during the autumn/winter period, including:

  • New Player versus Player fight mode
  • Special locations for group play
  • Clan battles
  • Global and local bosses
  • Rechargeable ERC721 tokens
  • Mining rates reduced by 50%

Looking to the Future

Ether Kingdoms  is looking to tap into the already-popular F2P market with a fun and absorbing strategy game that makes good use of blockchain technology, integrates well with other like-minded games and rewards gamers with real money. If successful, it could be only the first in a long line of titles from the company.

To learn more about Ether Kingdoms, visit the website , read the white paper  and follow Ether Kingdoms on Twitter .