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TREZOR Wallets to Ship by the End of January

Last Updated May 16, 2023 7:33 AM
Guest Writer
Last Updated May 16, 2023 7:33 AM

After months of delays  and a price controversy , it seems that TREZOR is finally ready to ship their much-anticipated hardware wallets. The company behind the product released a statement  on their website today claiming that shipments of the TREZOR Metallic will be made by the end of January, while the TREZOR Classic will ship a few weeks later.

The early supporters of the TREZOR hardware wallet will be happy to hear the good news, and they will be rewarded for that early support with a limited-edition version of the new wallet. This is the first major hardware wallet release, which should take Bitcoin to the next level when it comes to security and usability by the general public. The “First Edition” TREZOR wallet will come packaged with a micro USB cable and a lanyard to wear around one’s next for safe keeping. The company behind the project isn’t ready to give out specific delivery dates for the TREZOR wallet, and they believe that it could take anywhere from 2 to 15 days for the devices to arrive at their destinations.

What is the TREZOR Wallet?

The TREZOR wallet will allow users to sign Bitcoin transactions on their laptops and desktop computers with the added security of keeping their private keys offline. Many Bitcoin users have found that paper wallets offer security advantages over storing bitcoins in an online wallet or Bitcoin client, but these forms of storage also tend to be impractical for regular use. With the TREZOR wallet, users are able to store all of their bitcoins in one secure, convenient location. The public keys can still be stored on a computer, but hackers will not be able to empty a Bitcoin wallet without physically holding the private keys in the TREZOR wallet.

Much Needed Bitcoin Security


Many Bitcoin users are hopeful that the TREZOR wallet can help bring Bitcoin to the mainstream. One of the few doubts that people currently have about the digital currency is that some nefarious party is going to hack into their computer or online wallet and steal all of their bitcoins. While these kinds of hacks can be reversed in the world of modern bank accounts, the same is not true when it comes to Bitcoin. When a hacker steals bitcoins from an online website or physical computer, the transaction cannot be reversed . There have been plenty of hacked exchanges  and Bitcoin wallet thefts  in the past, so the added security of the TREZOR wallet is definitely something that the Bitcoin community has been ready to snatch up for many months.

More Hardware Wallets on the Way

In addition to the hardware devices from TREZOR, we can also expect other companies to enter the hardware wallet space. Butterfly Labs  is another company that has talked about creating a hardware wallet in the past, but there is not much information available about their rumored product. This is a company that has dealt with many delays and shipping issues  in the past, so many Bitcoiners are not holding their breathe when it comes to receiving a hardware device from Butterfly Labs in the near future. The only other hardware device in the Bitcoin security space right now is Piper , a standalone paper wallet generator.