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Excaliburcoin: Creator Support Virtual Currency

Last Updated April 25, 2023 11:33 AM
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Last Updated April 25, 2023 11:33 AM


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■ 2018/6/9 Coinexcange listing determination Scheduled to sell 16,000,000,000 EXC in 1 subsati 30,000,000,000 EXC will be distributed together with the presales (97% of coins will not be distributed at the time of listing)

■ Creator support platform A new platform that jumps over borders, language and currency “Arthur” to be released in October

EXC No Border project New platform to open up borders, language, currency, all walls Arthur start

■ What is Arthur Submission type platform As a basic function, it is possible to create my page that is excellent in contribution of work and customization.

■ Functions of Arthur (part introduction) · Real time translation function Open up the wall of words by converting in real time to the selected language Characters of chat and works (such as novels and manga) are automatically translated · Demand function Cut the currency wall by virtual currency Equipped with a system that reduces to secondary creator the system for returning to the primary creator (primary creator can set whether secondary creation is possible) · Collaboration function Cut the barriers between genres of creators It is possible to invite members, create a team and post a cooperation (the distribution ratio of disbursements can be set by a team leader) Time to release Closed beta release scheduled for August

For more info:

Website: https://excaliburcoin.net/ 
Twitter http://twitter.com/excaliburcoin 
Excaliburcoin discord https://discord.gg/qMJy5Kk