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Ethereum Price Rises Above Historic $100

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:56 PM
Andrew Quentson
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:56 PM

Ethereum is partying like it’s the 90s. The currency is up some 30% since yesterday, from around $87 to now $114 at the time of writing. Its online public spaces now have thousands of active users. Its daily thread has reached a new record of more than 6,000 comments.

Ethereum rises above $100

There’s just too much to talk about and there will be even more, starting from today. The Ethereal Summit, sponsored by Consensys, Microsoft and others, starts shortly and you probably don’t want to miss any of it if you’d like a glimpse of the future.

Music, games, energy, finance, IoT, Dubai and an answer to “what is the industrial revolution” are just some of the things on the table, with a lot more other discussions in a summit that aims to “tell the story of decentralization over the course of a day.”

That’s followed on Monday by the wider scope Consensus 2017, where European Commissioners, advisors to ministers, individuals from IBM, Microsoft, Intel, JP Morgan and everyone else are to present.

JP Morgan will demo the Ethereum-based Quorum, with the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance giving updates on their progress so far among just some of the eth related events at consensus.

But today’s price rise might be more due to Fred Wilson, a VC at Union Square which invested in Twitter and many other internet unicorns at the early stages. He told Bloomberg in an interview  that ethereum will overtake bitcoin’s market cap by the end of the year.

That’s one bold prediction considering the timeframe, not least because the interview touched on many topics but he chose to focus on eth. In fact, the interview leaves you with the impression he is not really thinking about much else but this space.

Not that anyone can blame him. Another project, Aragon, just raised $25 million in an Ethereum-based ICO and didn’t ask Fred Wilson, the Venture Capitalist, for a penny of it. Although he may have given them some anyway – who knows anything in the blockchain eh.

That’s just the ICO that’s getting press. My mailbox can’t keep up with so many others. I didn’t use to believe people when they said that, but, the PR guys sending follow-up e-mails don’t have to believe.

Because people are raising money left, front and center. A lot of that money will probably end up in nothing, but, who knows, some of it may end up at the next Amazon, Google, Facebook or Uber.

Many in eth, however, are not thinking about either of those companies, but about Tesla. Blockchenized energy grids, smart contracted electric cars, can Musk really get edgier than conquering Mars?

Maybe, but they’re far too busy with many other things, which may mean their competitors might drive that space. And that space is sort of heating up, especially as far as energy and electricity are concerned.

For a real-time Ethereum price chart, click here.

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