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ETC Labs Hosts First Startup Incubator Pilot

Last Updated April 19, 2023 7:06 AM
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Last Updated April 19, 2023 7:06 AM
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ETC Labs , leading ETC blockchain startup accelerator, is hosting its first startup incubator pilot program at its San Francisco office starting October 1, 2018. ETC Labs reviewed around 120 applications for the incubator, of which six high-potential startups were selected for the pilot program. They will also have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a roomful of investors at ETC Labs’ launch event scheduled on October 25, 2018 . Many other teams supporting ETC, including IOHK, ETCDEV, and ETC Coop will be present at the event.

The incubator plans to grow the ETC ecosystem by offering startups building on ETC access to shared office space, developer support, and funding to take their ideas to the next level, by making direct investments and connecting them to a network of collaborators, investors, and supporters.

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Already a fortnight into the pilot and backed by innovative concepts and functionality on the blockchain, the startups show great potential in radically developing the ecosystem.

Button Wallet  is a multi-cryptocurrency exchange wallet with the goal of providing a safe, user-friendly, and convenient option to store money on Telegram.


Vrex Lab  is focused on bringing engaging, fun experiences through mobile VR/AR applications. The start-up claims that you can buy, sell, or breed one-of-a-kind characters that you can use in games, your YouTube channel, Instagram stories, and more!

AnyLog  is a decentralized IoT platform that allows users to store IoT data in real time, without any support from a centralized authority.

GSC Platform  aims to save cost and time in the purchasing processes, within the supply chain industry, by replacing standard purchase orders with smart contracts. The focus is on handling purchasing expenses through the blockchain to improve revenue and trade margins.

Scanta  aims to bring in a new era of gaming technology by providing immersive experiences through augmented reality. The startup provides stunning augmented reality experiences through apps, opening the door to unlimited gaming possibilities.

Quarrio  is creating a global ecosystem for decentralized information analysis. The startup has developed an artificial intelligence natural language interface for data assets where information can easily be retrieved by simply asking questions.  Its conversational interface enables you to get information from Salesforce within a matter of seconds.

Elizabeth Kukka, Program Director of ETC Labs stated, “In the near future, we plan to support around 20 to 24 startups per year, and that’s mostly due to capacity and how many we can accommodate at any given time. We would probably look at supporting 10 to 12 startups at one time. Support will vary depending on each project’s needs.”

Of note, the pilot program will pave the way for the ETC Labs incubation program scheduled for the first quarter of 2019. ETC Labs’ unique approach to developing projects and harnessing the knowledge of industry leaders ensures that the project remains competitive in the market. The team is active across all social media channels, and you can follow them on Twitter Reddit , and Telegram .