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Estonian Trading License Makes CoinMetro the Front-Runner for the Future of Crypto Exchanges

Last Updated May 18, 2023 9:01 AM
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Last Updated May 18, 2023 9:01 AM

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The evolution of the cryptocurrency exchange was inevitable, with the sharp rise of institutional and public interest, exchanges have been growing in popularity but not in practicality.

Evolving the Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency traders and investors are seeking more versatile means of trading their virtual tokens beyond that off speculative trading; furthermore, global regulatory efforts and the ongoing boom of initial coin offerings (ICOs) are also catalysts to the extraordinary rise in blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption.

Contemporary cryptocurrency exchanges may fall short of meeting the new regulatory requirements and face having to change their operation standards or stop them altogether. Additionally, as the world approaches cryptocurrencies with less skepticism, single-purpose trading platforms will fall short of providing dynamic and innovative cryptocurrency related services.

CoinMetro, the Evolved Exchange

If you’ve been following the CoinMetro  story, you’ll know that it’s one steeped in brilliance; the new platform is an all-in-one cryptocurrency solution platform, one that believes in blockchain-based currencies being conducive to the disruption of modern banking institutions and being part of a broader technological future.


Furthermore, CoinMetro firmly believes in legally and ethically regulating the blockchain industry to efficiently and acceptably bring cryptocurrencies and their numerous functions to the broader public.

Estonian Trading License

Most recently, CoinMetro  recently expanded operations to Estonia, and have also secured a significant trading license from the Estonian government, bringing the platforms crypto services even closer to the masses. The new license allows CoinMetro to offer fiat for crypto, crypto for fiat and crypto for crypto exchange services.

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The small European country of Estonia is one of the most crypto-friendly spaces in the world, with many blockchain startups flocking to the nation to build their decentralized enterprises, CoinMetro has secured itself a solid position ahead of the race.

With thanks to the newly acquired license, Estonia’s forward thinking and the excellence of the CoinMetro  platform, users will be able to wire fiat currency or use credit cards to buy cryptocurrency on the platform. They can also just as easily cash out their digital coins for fiat.

CoinMetro is a platform for users of all shapes and sizes and, one that has a long future ahead of it, and the Estonian license success is reflective of the bold strategy and vision that CoinMetro excellently demonstrates.

CoinMetro Platform Features

CoinMetro  is a one-stop solution offering an incredible set of tools and services to crypto investors, traders or users of all shapes and sizes.

For everyday users, the platform will offer more than just an eWallet, but also provide a crypto debit card, so users can spend their cryptocurrencies just like they would regular money. Serious traders, (individual or institutional investors) have access to ETCF’s Tokenized Asset Management (TAM) and a state-of-the-art exchange.

Furthermore, the CoinMetro  also offers an ICO express platform that takes care of the whole ICO launch process, including Know-Your-Customer (KYC), distribution and listing on the CoinMetro exchange. This is to relieve developers and blockchain startups of the tedious ICO process and allow them to focus on the core of their project.

CoinMetro is also bringing with it a significant amount of traditional financial solutions to the cryptocurrency space, to find out more about the industry shaking platform ahead of its official launch, head to the CoinMetro website here.