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Entrepreneur Seeks $65,000 to Launch Bitcoin Search Engine Called Coynful

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM

Robert Gulassarian, a Toronto, Canada-based entrepreneur, is attempting to launch a search engine called Coynful that will allow people to find products online that can be bought with bitcoin. Gulassarian has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $65,000 to establish the search engine. The Kickstarter campaign has raised just over $5,000 in its first three days with 21 days to go. Gulassaran said some of the funds will be used for marketing Coynful.

Coynful’s Kickstarter listing states that funds will be used to create a website that is designed to facilitate the discovery of products online that can be bought with bitcoin.

“The goal of the website is to become a utility to quickly find where to buy a specific item online using the bitcoin currency. To achieve this goal, the website will be a search engine. Much like the Google search engine gives you results to your inquiry, Coynful will give you results of desired products that can be purchased with bitcoin.”

Coynful to legitimize bitcoin

Gulassarian said in an email to CCN.com that his purpose is to increase the usability and legitimization of bitcoin. “I know that there are still quite a few skeptics that are used to the old paradigm of monetary systems and commerce,” he said.

“And unfortunately, due to technology, particularly the Internet, there is a large generation gap and people who are currently in control of the old system (who) are wary of novel ideas that can ultimately shake the core of their unilateral perception of established economies and monetary system.”

Gulassarian said he is the sole owner of Coynful and has a team of programmers working on a for-hire basis. He said he has a background in film and literature and also runs a film production company.

“Monetization will be similar to how Google Adwords functions,” Gulassarian said. “Clients will be able to have their relevant links appear higher on the search page. Having said that, the website is completely free to use for both client and merchant who is happy with organic search traffic.”

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A service for bitcoin merchants

Gulassarian said there are more than 100,000 merchants worldwide that use bitcoin as a method of payment, and the number is growing. “And when we launch, not only will we be adding merchants to the Coynful database through web-crawling methods, but we will make it very simple for merchants to be able to add their website links to our database for free,” he said.

For more information about Coynful, visit the Kickstarter page at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1065608453/coynful-the-bitcoin-search-engine