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Musk Vandalizes Sex Scandal Space Bro Bezos’ Mooncraft ‘Blue Balls’

Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:41 PM
Mark Emem
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:41 PM

By CCN.com: Elon Musk has just proved to Jeff Bezos that being the world’s richest man doesn’t offer immunity against below-the-belt jokes. This was demonstrated on Twitter after the Amazon founder and CEO, as well as the founder of space firm Blue Origins, launched a mock-up of a new mooncraft  designed to ferry humans and equipment to the lunar surface by 2024.

In the tweet, Musk demonstrated that while the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently limited what he can communicate on social media, it certainly hasn’t castrated his ability to tell lewd jokes.

Multitalented Elon Musk Has Sketchy Photoshopping Skills

In the tweet  fired off on Thursday evening, the Tesla boss as well as CEO of space exploration firm SpaceX edited an image on the Blue Origins’ mooncraft known as Blue Moon effectively changing the name to Blue Balls. To cap it off, Musk advised Bezos to ‘stop teasing’.

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos
Elon Musk calls Jeff Bezos’ spacecraft ‘Blue Balls’ | Source: Twitter

Bezos was recently embroiled in a sex scandal. This was after an extra-marital affair with a TV star was reported by the National Enquirer. There were various twists and turns as the scandal unraveled including the tabloid’s failed attempt to publish nudes of Bezos. The Amazon CEO and his wife of 24 years are currently in the process of divorce.

Musk Taking Shots at Bezos? This Is Not Virgin Territory

This is not the first time that Musk is taking shots at Bezos. Early last month Musk branded Bezos a ‘copycat’ on Twitter. This was after Amazon announced it was sending satellites into low earth orbit to provide broadband to underserved areas. Fourteen months earlier, SpaceX had launched its own version of internet satellites via its Falcon 9 rocket.

Though SpaceX has dominated the public eye for the past two decades, Blue Origins is nearly two years older. SpaceX was started  on May 6, 2002 while Blue Origins was founded on September 8, 2000.

Bad Bile or Just Regular Tech Bro Rivalry?

Musk has also at times tried to play the contempt card whenever the topic of Bezos is brought up. In October 2017 during a BBC interview, Musk didn’t sound too thrilled to be told he was competing with Bezos. When told ‘you are competing with the likes of Jeff Bezos’ in the space sector, Musk retorted ‘Jeff Who?’

Elon Musk – Not Your Regular Detroit Car CEO

As an entrepreneur and business head, Musk has regularly demonstrated he doesn’t take himself too seriously. A case in point is farting sounds software update  that Tesla rolled out late last year. It would be inconceivable to imagine traditional carmaker CEO in Detroit spending company resources on such a feature and going on to publicize it.

The farting sounds had all the hallmarks of Musk’s in-jokes as their names betrayed. One of the names given to the fart sounds include Short Shorts Ripper. This was possibly in reference to Tesla short sellers, a group Elon Musk has declared an aversion for.

Other farting sounds were named after companies Musk has founded or products unveiled by his startups. This includes the Boring Fart (a reference to The Boring Company), Neurastink (in honor of neurotechnology company Neuralink). The Falcon Heavy farting sound is obviously in honor of SpaceX’s Falcon rockets.

The fart noises in the Tesla cars, however, do not produce a smell. Yet. But Jeff Bezos is definitely feeling the stink with the latest Musk burn.