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ELAD – A Reliable and Profitable Real Estate Investment Platform

Last Updated May 3, 2023 3:26 AM
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Last Updated May 3, 2023 3:26 AM
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Real estate market is exponentially growing and according to the recent report it is speculated to reach the global value of USD 4,267.3 Billion by 2025. While the opportunities are endless, there are many challenges which cannot be overlooked. The industry deals with hindrances including high transaction costs, untrustworthiness, lack of transparency and minim investment to name a few. ELAD is a blockchain-based platform that has identified these challenges and provided investors with an effective solution.

How the ELAD Platform Works?

The investment process is quite simple and begins by investors creating a real-estate profile on the platform. Then, they can review all the listed property and select the one that they wish to invest in and the platform will show all the important details regarding it. Information like existing rental returns, geographical details, property fees, legal documents and more are available.

All the properties listed in the platform for investment are categorized in seven reserve pricing levels and minimum price block can be as low as USD $50 of ELAD coin. Investors can acquire ELAD  coin as per their respective investment preferences. Higher the reserve price of the property the fewer are blocks available; therefore, investors have to be quick to secure their shares.

ELAD token is an ERC20 cryptocurrency that is used to perform transactions on the platform. Investors can buy the token from the crowd sale or at cryptocurrency exchanges when the crowd sale is finished.

Ensuring Maximum Control and Security

ELAD being a user-centric platform that allows investors to have full control over their investments through an efficient voting system, which gives them the right to participate in important decisions regarding their invested properties. Moreover, if a property doesn’t reach its target fund, then all deposits are immediately refunded via smart contract. Consecutively, investors can also sell their acquired shares for a fixed price or auction it to the highest bidder, this eliminates the need of fund managers.


Properties are categorized into various pricing blocks; investors can sell their obtained blocks easily through auction. The platform’s auction system is open for anyone who wants to buy property via the secondary market. Block price is decided at the beginning of the auction session and price may rise during the bidding process.

The Most Unconventional AI Support

The CTO of ELAD, Brennon William has developed iLi, one of the most progressive and cognitive artificial intelligence in the world. iLi’s unique architecture focuses on replicating human thinking process to render the most efficient support experience. It is a desktop application that provides companies with the skills to develop and manage even the most complex voice-based conversation at the same time securing intellectual property by offering local external libraries. With iLi engine on board, ELAD  investors have access to uninterrupted customer service round the clock that can provide real-time solutions to their queries.

A Real Estate Platform for Investors

By leveraging the latest technologies including blockchain, smart contracts, artificial intelligence, and peer-2-peer transactions, ELAD team envisions to revolutionize the conventional real estate platform. It is an accessible platform that allows individuals to buy property in a secure and cost-effective manner and avail prolific opportunities to earn considerable returns on their investments.

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