Leading DeFi platform Eidoo has integrated with Instant SEPA, enabling every European user to buy cryptocurrency in a matter of minutes, rather than hours or days. 

Eidoo is one of the first wallets to integrate this crypto on-ramp feature, which is faster than every regular SEPA transaction. 

SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area. It’s an established system for cross-border Euro bank transfers between countries in the Eurozone and a few others which also support Euro bank transfers. SEPA aims to make cross-border transfers around Europe as fast and efficient as domestic transfers within a home country. 

Using this cash to crypto feature, Eidoo users will be among the first worldwide to buy and confirm all DAI and EDO purchases in minutes directly in-app. 

EDO is the utility token at the center of the Eidoo ecosystem. It simplifies access and interaction with different blockchains and a variety of services, including the eidooCROWD playform, their upcoming staking feature and Hybrid Exchange. 

The DAI stablecoin comes from one of the leading projects in the DeFi space, MakerDAO. Through their currency, platforms and tools, Maker is trying to achieve open and equal access to high-quality financial services, including fair credit for everyone. Eidoo users can start earning interest on their DAI directly through their wallet. 

Eidoo also launched their Black Friday sale, offering free Instant SEPA transfers until Friday 13th December. Users are able to purchase as much DAI or EDO as they’d like without paying any transaction fees. 

Users will need to pass Eidoo’s in-wallet KYC to access this new Instant SEPA feature. 

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