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Earn Bitcoins by Wearing Branded Clothes and Taking Selfies

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:40 PM
Yannick Losbar
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:40 PM

It is an interesting possibility proposed by a new startup called BadgerHunt. The principle is quite simple: advertisers pay in Bitcoin to display the logo of their brand on selected individuals’ clothes or cars.

Indeed, during registration, volunteers must fill in a fairly detailed profile to make sure they match the expectations of the advertisers. To do so, they’ll have to state their age, and biography, hobbies, and send their picture: you probably understood that you will be spared nothing.

However, in return, users have the possibility to indicate the daily wage that they want to receive, in line with the appeal of their profiles. The minimum amount is $5, but some members who enjoy a significant reputation and therefore a greater potential exposure don’t hesitate to ask more than $50 per day, which equals to $ 1550 per month! This experiment can be highly interesting and serve as a truly passive income for the luckiest and most famous of our readers.

It is especially true for those who might be tempted to combine several forms of “personal branding” among those proposed by the platform: branded T-shirts, caps, or bumper stickers. So, why don’t you wear a Starbucks T-shirt that will reveal the great gourmet inside you, while driving your new Tesla Model S on which a Greenpeace bumper sticker will be proudly displayed in order not to leave any doubt about your ecological commitment?

Branded Daily Selfies

Regarding the practical part, the startup takes care of every detail: after your registration as a “badger” – volunteer – and the completion of your profile, personalized campaign proposals will be sent from time to time to you, to avoid the unpleasant task of sorting proposals intended for a specific gender or country.

Once you finally pick up a campaign, you will have to take a selfie of yourself on a daily basis and send it to the website, who will send it back to the advertiser in order to confirm the smooth functioning of the campaign before paying at the end.

Finally, interesting flexibility in the delivery of advertising materials is possible: you can receive them from the advertiser, but also choose to print them yourself.

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Images from BadgerHunt and Wikimedia Commons.