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Dream Chip Technologies Confirms Partnership With Mining ASICs Technologies (MAT)

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:40 PM
Caleb Chen
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:40 PM

Three weeks ago, I posted Mining ASICs Technologies’ announcement of 6TH/s Bitcoin ASICs and 200 MH/s Scrypt ASICs to all of y’all, my disbelieving readers.  Over the course of ASIC development in the Bitcoin mining and Scrypt mining spheres, many people have been burned.  The number of vaporware firms and scams run on our forums has brought about ennui in the general populace.  In the Crypto world, when we are faced with pre-orders, we now tend to follow this guideline:

“Guilty until proven innocent.”

Even though we balk at the presence of such a mentality in the government and mainstream media, we have adopted it for the sake of survival.  I would never compromise CCN.com‘s integrity by promoting a blatant “scammer” to our many readers.  I emphasized that the Bitcoin community as a whole was unlikely to participate in pre-orders of MAT’s ASICs without corroborating evidence from their supposed established chip design and fab partners.  I even launched an investigation into the legitimacy of the company on Bitcointalk  in an attempt to get to the truth.
Dream Chip Announces Signed Agreement With MAT B.V.

DCT develops and delivers Bitcoin and Litecoin Mining ASIC
We are happy to announce that we have signed an Agreement with Mining Asics Technologies B.V. in the Netherlands for the development of SHA 256 Bitcoin and Scrypt Hashing products!
For further information, please contact [email protected]  or visit https://www.mining-asics-technologies.com 

Dreamchip’s website can be reached through Dreamchip.de  and sci-worx.com.  MAT plans to have the chips fabricated by Global Foundries, the same ASIC chip fabricator used by the likes of Hashfast and Butterfly Labs.  For those readers concerned about the centralized concentration of so many chips in one factory, I’m fairly certain that the chips from American ASIC developers will be fabbed at a different geographical location.
The Competition Heats Up
There are several large Bitcoin ASIC companies from all over the world now with varying offerings.  MAT plans to lead the next generation of Bitcoin ASICs with their 6 TH/s machine, though the chips are still 28nm.  MAT also plans to have the fastest Scrypt ASIC in a single rack-mountable unit: 200 MH/s is many times faster than the fastest ASICs offered by the competition.
I’d be remiss as a writer if I didn’t include links to other Scrypt ASIC companies: Here at CCN.com, we have been the first to announce not only MAT but also Fibonacci, Alpha Tech, and Dualminer.