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#Disneyisoverparty Reveals How Clueless Cancel Culture Has Become

Last Updated September 25, 2020 8:41 PM
Laura Hoy
Last Updated September 25, 2020 8:41 PM
  • The angry mob has turned on Disney–only most of them aren’t sure why.
  • This infighting shows that, without a clear direction, cancel culture will tear itself apart.
  • Disney is likely to be one of the last targets for cancel culture.

Cancel culture is a byproduct of social media activism that’s taken the world by storm over the past few weeks. Everyone from Jimmy Kimmel to Ellen DeGeneres had felt the wrath of Twitter when their names started trending alongside a cancel culture hashtag.

So far, the angry mob has been successful in ousting whomever they choose, but in setting their sights on Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS), they may have taken it a step too far.

Calls to Cancel Disney Prove Cancel Culture is Over

On Saturday morning, #disneyisoverparty was trending on Twitter as mobs of angry K-pop fans criticized the Mouse for using their beloved BTS to get attention. Disney hyped-up performance by the band, only to show a small clip of the performance. Fans were angry, and #disneyisoverparty was born.

disneyisoverparty, Disney, BTS
BTS fans created #disneyisoverparty over disappointment related to the band’s performance. | Source: Twitter

A funny thing happened to this particular call for cancellation. Whereas past cancel culture hashtags had a clear direction—Jimmy Kimmel’s use of blackface  and Ellen Degeneres’ alleged mistreatment of crewmembers—this one lacked a clear message. Instead, the angry mob debated among themselves over why, exactly, they wanted to cancel Disney.

For K-pop fans, Disney’s BTS snub was the main reason. Some even claimed the edited air-time was racist.

Disney, BTS, disneyisoverparty
Some said the BTS incident was racist. | Source: Twitter 

Others, who seemingly didn’t know what BTS was, claimed it was due to Disney’s decision to reopen its Florida theme park amid the pandemic. Nevermind that Universal Studios did the same weeks earlier .

disneyisoverparty, cancel culture, Disney
Others claimed Disney’s decision to reopen during the pandemic was the reason for the hashtag. | Source: Twitter 

Some Twitter users were outraged by Disney’s ties to Fox News.

disneyisoverparty, Disney, cancel culture
Disney’s links to Fox were apparently the reason some were upset. | Source: Twitter 

The Mob Mentality Starts to Crumble

The comically disorganized cancel attempt on Disney underscores how mob mentality is powerful, but also fragile. Calls to cancel certain public figures gained momentum alongside the Black Lives Matter movement. After several celebrities were ousted from their current projects  as a result of online outrage, the mob started to go off the rails.

Now, even the slightest misstep—or perceived misstep—brings on a hashtag. For Goya, America’s largest Hispanic foods company, that misstep was coming out in support of Donald Trump.

Never mind that the firm doesn’t mistreat employees and hasn’t been accused of any kind of malpractice. By merely voicing his opinion of Donald Trump, Goya’s CEO felt the wrath of cancel culture.

Goya, cancel culture, boycott Goya
Goya was the target of cancel culture after its CEO praised Donald Trump. | Source: Twitter 

Now, those who previously applauded social media’s power to bring on change have started to question whether allowing an angry mob of people to dictate morality is a good idea.

A handful of writers, academics, and artists came together to speak out against cancel culture  in an article published by Harper’s Magazine. The group cautioned that the intolerance promoted by cancel culture puts free speech at risk. The list included women’s rights activist Gloria Steinem and Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

JK Rowling, cancel culture, twitter
Many of the people on Harper’s list found themselves targeted by cancel culture. | Source: Twitter  

Unsurprisingly, many on the list faced their own cancel hashtags.

What’s Next for Cancel Culture?

The #disneyisoverparty hashtag marks the decline of cancel culture. Without a specific direction or lead to follow, an angry mob has no power. Those calling for Disney to be canceled are now fighting among themselves on the reason for their outrage. 

Taking down Disney is a far cry from dragging Ellen DeGeneres through the mud or getting a reality TV star fired. Infighting and confusion won’t help their cause. At best, #disneyisoverparty will give the world a good laugh. At worst, it will be a laughingstock that makes people think twice about participating in whatever cancel culture moves on to tomorrow. 

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