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DEx.Top A Bitmain Incubated Decentralized Exchange Launches This Month

Last Updated May 3, 2023 2:32 AM
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Last Updated May 3, 2023 2:32 AM
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On May 18th, 2018, an international team incubated by Bitmain releases the first decentralized exchange, DEx.top, that utilizes the ROC (Replayed On Chain) mechanism. By using the “off-chain matching, batching orders on-chain”, this double ledger method will provide users with a secure, instant, and low-cost trading experience.

Users’ assets are all stored in smart contracts, and DEx.top does not hold users’ private keys; all trading pairs are instantly matched and can be seen on Ethereum’s network, while deposits and withdrawals are fluid as well as easy to use. DEx.top is committed to helping advance the community of decentralized exchanges and developing a flourishing ecosystem for them. Once launched, all smart contracts and code of DEx.top will be open-source for the public.

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DEx.top will select and scrutinize token projects as well as cryptocurrencies from around the world using a scoring model, that has been developed rigorously by a professional review team. Code auditing will be done strictly, and a voting committee will go through multiple rounds before deciding which tokens to list. By going through all of this, DEx.top wants to ensure that the listed tokens are truly valuable for the investors in the long run. Doing so will also guarantee that the projects are provided with a fair trading platform

Building on top of ethereum’s smart contract, DEx.top hopes to incorporate BCH, RSK, EOS and other potential public blockchains in the near future, to form a wide range of cross-chain trading pairs. At the same time, DEx.top is working intensively with multiple software and hardware wallets to provide a better trading experience for all its users, as well as cooperating with many instant messaging and social media platforms to create a more informative community. DEx.top intends to fix the current problems that plague both centralized and decentralized exchanges.


The DEx.top team consists of members from the United States, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong, with professional background in Fintech product development, operation, and risk control. Team members have been building and pushing the development of the fundamentals of blockchain by working on consensus mechanisms, complicated smart contract models and a decentralized futures’ contracts.

DEx.top will launch an open trial on May 24th . Those who register now stand a chance to win an iPhone X or tokens.

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