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DataBroker DAO Extends Token Sale to June 30th and Doubles Token Distribution

Last Updated May 18, 2023 7:58 AM
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Last Updated May 18, 2023 7:58 AM

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The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry has many competitors and startups seeking to make a mark on the world, though very few deliver on their ‘revolutionary’ promises.

Blockchain startups are emerging from every corner of the globe at an accelerating pace; the projects themselves are often niche, lack high standards of real-world application and often have the ambition to simply launch the product and create a highly valuable digital token.

Let’s go past that, over the past few years especially since the tremendous advent of blockchain technology, the word ‘disruptive’ has been hot on the lips of every industry in the world. Blockchain technology is being adopted across the board thanks to its diverse range of application, but what happens when paired with another disruptive technology, one touted to be a massive part of the 4th industrial revolution ?

The Internet of Things and DataBroker DAO

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects any device or ‘sensor’ that can join an online network and send its data as well as communicate with other sensors. It’s a gigantic market that is due to be worth 1.2 Trillion USD in 2019, and according to DataBroker DAO , a blockchain startup, and IoT sensor data marketplace, roughly 10% ($120 Billion USD) of that data will be unavailable due to centralized conventions within the industry.


DataBroker DAO is tapping this market by bringing blockchain and IoT sensor data together on a platform in which buyers and sellers of any background can utilize the wealth of data available for an endless list of applications .

DataBroker DAO  fathoms ahead of every blockchain startup; its real-world application and monetization of data is the shallow end of what DataBroker DAO has to offer. Furthermore, the team behind the project have been taking the time to upgrade the platform throughout its token sale, engage new markets and even attend summits on the topic of Smart Islands.

Firstly, the platform has undergone a rigorous and carefully considered upgrade thanks to the feedback from the community, and now DataBroker has announced that they are ready to launch a ‘dataset feature’ that allows purchasers to sell ‘processed datasets,’ i.e., AI, BigData, aggregation enriched data.

DataBroker DAO  has also assessed the IoT sensor data market on both the manufacturing and data buyer sides; their findings revealed that the Chinese IoT market is enormous and presently worth CNY 500 billion (80 billion USD), this is expected to double by 2020.

DataBroker DAO is headed to China to establish itself in this market, over two weeks they’ll be visiting Beijing and Shanghai with two other cities also being considered.

DataBroker DAO Tokenomics

The team at DataBroker DAO  have been listening to its community, and the most salient point of the discussion has been whether or not the DTX tokens will be burned or not after the token sale. DataBroker DAO concluded that the fairest approach would be to distribute them to the community.

Those who have already participated in the DTX sale, and those who are going to, will now receive 1 extra DTX for each one purchased, which generously increases the base rate of 4000 DTX per 1 ETH, to 8000 DTX per 1 ETH.

With all things considered, DataBroker DAO  has extended the DTX token sale to June 30th, 2018. This is to give Chinese investors the chance to get on board as well as distribute more tokens based on the new exchange rate.

The rate of exchange is now 1 ETH per 8000 DTX; again this is inclusive of all participants who purchased DTX prior to the latest announcement and after.

DataBroker DAO  is bringing two of the most disruptive and revolutionary technologies together and to the public, head to the official website here to find out more.