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Darcrus: dAppsheet Prototype to be Released during ICO

Last Updated May 2, 2023 1:08 PM
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Last Updated May 2, 2023 1:08 PM
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Press Release: Darcrus , a disruptive blockchain startup, is currently hosting a crowdfunding campaign. Initiated less than a week ago and is already an evident success with 474 bitcoins gathered so far, the majority of which were sent during the first day of the event.

Investors can still take advantage of the early15% bonus that will end on December 4th, giving way to a 5% bonus that will decrease until the end of the Initial Coin Offering . The funds collected are currently being held in a Coinbase Vault multisignature escrow that requires two out of three signature holders to allow any outgoing transaction.

During this crowdfunding event, users can exchange their Bitcoin for Darcrus tokens (DAR), a crypto asset that will run on a Buyback program. Part of the profits made by the Darcrus project in direct software sales and in consultancy services are directed towards this program, allowing the team to buy DAR from the order books of major exchanges to be burnt, reducing the supply of the Darcrus token. A portion of the revenue generated by the SIGFARM mining operation previously created by the founder of Sigwo Technologies and of the Darcrus project itself, Steven Grove , will also be directed towards this buyback program.

The software that will be produced and sold by the Darcrus team is intended to disrupt the way companies store, manage, verify, and recover their information by leveraging the decentralized nature of blockchain technology. Along with the software solutions created by Darcrus, the team will also provide consultancy services, ensuring that the transition into a decentralized infrastructure is as smooth as possible.

Companies are already showing interest in the first software that will be developed by Darcrus, the dAppsheet. This applicaiton allows companies to make robust copies of their databases wherever a dAppsheet node is running, creating a decentralized and verifiable database that is far more reliable than the current alternatives. These nodes act as disaster recovery for other nodes, ensuring that no information is ever loss and that it is always accessible and that no offsite storage is required.

Already ahead of schedule, the first prototype of the dAppsheet application is already being developed, and is expected to be released during the crowdfunding period, along with the first updates on the Graphic User Interface (GUI) which will be unveiled for the first time next week. This will give participants an opportunity to test the software and grasp its potential for the first time.

More projects are in the horizon for Darcrus, two of which have been outlined in the project’s roadmap .

To learn more the dAppsheet application and Darcrus, you can check out the first version of the whitepaper  or read the F.A.Q page . You can also watch the recent interview by Blocktalk with diversified IT professional and founder of Darcrus, Steven Grove:

Anyone can join community bounty programs  and follow the latest news through the official Slack  or bitcointalk forum .