DAO Platform WINGS Taps Airbitz For Blockchain Security

November 14, 2016

WINGS, a decentralized platform to create, join and manage distributed autonomous organizations (DAOs), has partnered with Airbitz, a mobile bitcoin wallet, to enable a new generation of secure DAOs for bitcoin and other blockchains. The partnership provides WINGS DAO participants with Airbitz Edge Security to make private key management more frictionless and secure.

Airbitz enables users to securely access blockchains using a frictionless, single sign-on while retaining control over their private keys and authentication. Developers can leverage the Airbitz open-source Edge Security SDK for decentralized apps, rather than creating their own security solutions.

Partnership To Help DAOs

“Our partnership with WINGS will make interacting with the next generation of DAOs a seamless and accessible experience,” said Paul Puey, Airbitz CEO. “WINGS, much like Airbitz, is committed to delivering a user-friendly experience for people interested in using blockchain assets in their applications. We’re proud to add WINGS to the growing list of premier blockchain apps powered by Airbitz Edge Security.”

“We’re excited to partner with Airbitz and offer this to the WINGS DAO community,” said Boris Povod, WINGS core developer. “Airbitz lets people easily interact with DAOs using stored encrypted private keys, and anyone can login simply with a username/password.”

“It (the Airbitz partnership) will make access to forecasting and governance decisions more secure,” Dominik Zynis, WINGS marketing and communications director, told CCN. “Most people realize that hacks happen, but that the core idea of DAO is compelling in a global, decentralized crypto ecosystem.”


DAOs allow for trustless contracts among globally distributed participants, providing another level of efficiency and productivity to projects that can span across borders. The WINGS ecosystem is intended to drive the use of DAO technology in project forecasting, governance and funding.

WINGS combines the DAO concept with decision-making using decentralized forecast markets, By partnering with WINGS, project backers can be assured that DAO technology and forecast markets provides an added success factor.

“Projects that require funding and want to offer a governance layer are most interested, as well as exchanges which want to gauge interest of the crowd as well as project valuation,” Zynis said.

“WINGS currently has an email list (scrubbed) of over 8000-plus, Twitter of over 6100-plus, and over 2000 users in our Chinese, Russian and English chat rooms in the last six months,” Zynis noted.

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Crowdfunding To Begin

WINGS is currently in pre-alpha stage and will launch a donation-based crowdfunding campaign on November 18, 2016 with five levels of funding goals topping out at 30,000 bitcoins to realize a fully-functional platform.

“We plan to have an early production version go live shortly after RSK is in production which is this winter,” Zynis said. RSK is an open source smart contract platform.

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