D10E Hosts Conference on Decentralization Technologies in Amsterdam

February 17, 2016 6:55 PM UTC

On February 17th and the 18th at the Bers Van Burlage, Amsterdam, Netherlands, decentralized technology enthusiasts from all over the world will gather together to explore the developing industries and technology around decentralization at the D10E conference.

Formerly known as Coin Congress, “D10E” stands for “decentralization” as a numeronym and the primary topics of the conference will be Bitcoin, blockchain, 3d printing and drones with 150-200 industry leaders from each sector planning to attend.

This year’s conference will have a large focus on the European market, with the gathering being located in Amsterdam, one of the hottest cities in the EU when it comes to innovative tech startups.  In 2014 and 2015, the conference took place in the Asian and North American markets, located in Singapore and San Francisco respectively. There is also another D10E event happening in San Francisco later in 2016 in July.

In previous years, D10E held their conferences with a large focus, if not most of the focus being on Bitcoin. Listening to attendees and peers in the industry, they realized that their audience would be more receptive and interested to concepts that centered around decentralization as a theme instead. With blockchain technology being a very hot subject, especially the in the realm of fintech and government, along with 3d printing and drones as being technological advancements that allow an entirely new realm of business and social possibilities to blossom, the current decentralization of D10E is a dynamic one.

Sponsor’s of this year’s conference include: Bitcoin Embassy in Amsterdam, Meet Berlage, Seats2Meet, Network Security Ventures and Mobilecoin. One of the more anticipated events happening at the event will be the blockchain startup pitch competition: Amsterdam Edition with exclusively European early stage startups invited to present.

Advisers for the D10E conference have included a wide variety of professionals from fields ranging from finance, venture capital, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency blockchain, and media. To follow updates on this year’s D10E event, follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #D10E.

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