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Cyclean: Creating a Healthier Ecosystem with Blockchain Technology

Last Updated May 2, 2023 12:58 PM
Guest Writer
Last Updated May 2, 2023 12:58 PM
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In the world, there are already 1.2 billion vehicles on roads and the contamination from these cars not only will endanger humanity’s health, but also the very basis of our ecosystem. Numerous inquiries and international treaties are warning this continually growing problem. The need to take on this problem is indisputable. Luckily, CyCLean  delivers answers to battle such a developing problem using green emission electric vehicles that do not exhaust fumes.

Blockchain technology could also help to sophisticate electrical service. The application of this technology to this industry helps its problems associated with energy consumption contracts, enabling the automation of supply, giving it greater efficiency and allowing the penetration of other technologies that can count on distributed data books of supply, demand, among others. Cyclean is developing a variety of self-driven electric vehicles with a platform useful for cleansing the earth, a valuable partner to have among the renowned NGOs that aim to resguard your health and preserve the earth. CyClean will give us a solution to the exhaust gas issues that threaten our health and ecosystem.

Eco-Friendly Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are self-executing, self-enforcing contracts. They are ruled by the explicit terms and conditions set out inside them. These virtual agreements can ease the exchange of money, content, shares, property, or anything of value. The self-executing nature of these contracts provides a marvelous opportunity for employment in any discipline that relies on data to drive transactions.

The critical point is that the smart contract makes a digital and distant deal realistically possible. Robust blockchain system enforces terms to be executed once the condition is fulfilled. Established on such an innovative feature, CyClean can enable a smart rental system replacing traditional ways of managing rental infrastructure that are quite slow and troublesome.


Right away with the smart contract, we can merely automate to lock the vehicle or merchandise for its functionality when a rental fee is checked over the specified threshold. Electric cars are even more fitting to smart contract rental service because it is easier to augment electric vehicles for an automatic locking feature than oil-infrastructure and mechanical vehicles.

Fortunately, eco-friendly cycling products are quite fitting for being computerized and being combined with a wireless network. Since there are rare examples where smart contract features are being used commercially in a successful way, we think this approach will deliver a meaningful contribution to the cryptocurrency market itself. Additionally, in the future, the CyClean coin will be utilized to pay for services and part purchases as a path to keep up a stabilized exchange for CyClean coin.

The advantages of a smart contract are quite significant to almost all kinds of business. The most outstanding advantages are:

  • The accuracy of agreed terms within the blockchain.
  • Guaranteed transparency of Ledger.
  • Clearer communications.
  • Speed accounting processes.
  • Security of information through cryptography.
  • Complete efficiency of process developments.
  • A paper-free environment.
  • Storage & backup services.
  • Savings since you don’t need lawyers or any intermediaries.
  • Trust and guaranteed outcomes.

Green Emisión Coins

Cyclean products will be sold and rented with many advantageous features, one of them will be the CyClean coin green emission where users will get coins by energy consumed produced. These products are bicycles, electric motorcycles, ESS sunlight panel and even wearable products, based on the total amount of users who have traveled more than a kilometer with CyClean vehicles or produced more than 1 watts they will receive tokens.

As long as it is a competitive and green emission product, any good manufacturers can become part of the CyClean platform. Even for each product category, there is no limitation in models.

The amount of CyClean coins rewarded will be proportional to the distance traveled in Meters or Watts unit, so the motivation to use CyClean product in long-term is still stable and reliable. The more usage of CyClean products, the more reward is given; and more of the exhaust fumes will be replaced, and more promotions will be reinforced for clean energy and green sports. And this simple principle will continue to large-scale and long-term transformations for a green revolution.

We believe this unique mining feature will reinforce the on-going cycle of CyClean platform and push it to grow continuously with more products and more users. People will use the vehicle for its original purpose plus CyClean mining. So our platform is not only about sales or rentals, but also about supporting actual usage of our product, which eventually realistically combats exhaust fumes. On the business side, we can expect carbon dedication as well in the future when the platform grows on a global scale. As it is well known, carbon credit and carbon project encompasses nation-wide, so the vision is quite enormous.


Thanks to the collaboration with a long-experienced group of partners such as New Emotion Inc,  Koco Stock, ICO engine, Eidoo, Smart city Institute, DOGU self-driving software, Centurion and CO, Samchuly Bicycle, Daelym Motorcycle among others. The company can cover a wide range of products such as in-door health bicycle, electric bicycle, electric motorbikes, ESS sunlight panel, and even self-driving electric car that is currently in its research phase.

Various product models within each product category will have foreign branches to expand our platform scope as well quickly. For this reason, we can change the design or the specification of our CyClean products in the future to better support our users. We believe several competent producers will become inspired and envisioned for joining the clean cycle of CyClean.

CyClean Self-driving Electric Car

The CyClean platform is like other companies researching developing the self-driving electric car. Cars have long been humanity’s most useful and favorite tool, as we have always relied on gasoline and gas cars to take us to our destination, slowly harming our health and our ecosystem as a consequence of prolonged usage.

Replacing the energy source from gasoline, gas or ethanol to electricity may not be sufficient if we consume twice the power from it, but, if we combine the self-driving feature, electric cars are more advantageous regarding integrating computer software with the vehicle allowing the safe distribution of energy. Additionally, by using a CyClean vehicle, users can both contribute to the ecosystem and also get rewards in CyClean coins replacing previous vehicles into a safe, clean cycle with long-term usage.