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Cryptocurrency Utility Gets a Boost with MillionCoin

Last Updated April 25, 2023 8:48 AM
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Last Updated April 25, 2023 8:48 AM

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Cryptocurrencies are gaining traction. Yet the traction is significantly lower and slower than most people would assume. As an example, 90 percent of American adults do not own any cryptocurrencies and as Bloomberg  reports many have serious concerns about them. One of the barriers to the proliferation of cryptocurrency is the fact that it is still difficult to conduct everyday transactions using them. Problems like high volatility of cryptocurrencies, the fact that many users still need to conduct multiple exchange transactions before they are usable adding to expenses and the perception of the public with regards to security have kept cryptocurrencies from attaining mainstream status.

MillionCoin  is aiming to change this situation and make buying and selling in cryptocurrencies simpler, easier and more secure. MillionCoin will bind many applications and allow the use of non-transfer currency operations into a single client database, in effect allowing users of the platform to use fiat and cryptocurrencies for everyday purchases as well as payments while eliminating the need for wallet-to-wallet transfer of a given currency. Funds that are paid in by a user into the system would be available for system wide purchase of currencies, goods or services as well for trading with other users and gaining access to valuable services like legal, bookkeeping and expert counseling.

Crowdfunding by creating real value

MillionCoin are funding their project through an initial coin offering (ICO). The project’s crowdfunding efforts have set them apart from many other ICOs in existence. For one, the value of the MillionCoin token (MON) depends on the development of the project and the products that they sell. The funds will be raised in stages and the stages themselves are associated with the value of the token. It is this approach that has given MON tokens an intrinsic value. The presale stage of the ICO has  already started and will end at the culmination of the collection of 1000 ETH, no later than August 17, 2018. The ICO will loosely follow the schedule in the below given table. Each stage can be completed much earlier, provided that a certain amount is collected

Stage Starting Date Ending Date Target in ETH
1 August 18, 2018 November 17, 2018 2000
2 November 18, 2018 February 17, 2019 3000
3 February 18, 2019 June 17, 2019 4000
4 June 18, 2019 September 17, 2019 4500
5 September 18, 2019 December 17, 2019 5500

MillionCoin have released a whitepaper  for the perusal of investors and those interested in learning more about the project.


Market at the centre of the ecosystem

MillionCoin is a project that will evolve its own ecosystem for fostering the crypto economy. An integral part of which is the OneMillionShop . On this platform, authorised companies would be able to sell their wares/goods for cryptocurrencies. Businesses can choose to pay out their profits in fiat thanks to MillionCoin exchange office. The OneMillionShop (OMS) is all set to be released by the second quarter of 2018. A test for the sale of luxury goods and small real estate has already been conducted and was done through the course of a year. It is worth mentioning that OMS gives a boost to the MON token as well as it would be the token of choice for conducting transactions on the platform. Tie ups with partners (service providers and producers) have been formalised in Poland, Germany, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and Norway.

Maximising worth of cryptocurrencies

Another advantage of the MillionCoin project is a professional tool for making automated transactions on cryptocurrencies exchanges called Automated Trading Systems  Bot (AT. Systems Bot). This personalisable tool allows users to decide the level of risk that cryptocurrency investors are willing to take while making trades. The AT. Systems Bot has already been operating in the market for 2 years in cooperation with major exchanges like Poloniex, Binance, Bitbay. For investors, who are willing, the bot can utilise ready made plans pre-set within the tool to trade as well. What is more, the project will make available the tool completely free of charge or subscription fee for those users who have 500 MON tokens in their portfolio. Since the tool is managed by traders and secured by experts, novice investors can utilise it and stand to gain by getting access to professional expertise. MillionCoin plans to support users of their platform in every possible way and to that end they are also providing services like accounting and billing as well as regulation analysis and counseling.

The holistic approach of the project is indicative of the scope that still remains in the crypto sphere and how with proper support and a one-stop solution the use of cryptocurrencies can be brought into the mainstream.