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Cryptocurrency Inspired Pen Launched by Italian Pen Manufacturer, Ancora 1919

Last Updated May 18, 2023 7:42 AM
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Last Updated May 18, 2023 7:42 AM

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The pen has always been linked with wisdom. Man could transfer deep thoughts and profound understandings on to pieces of parchment or paper, preserved forever. Writing materials once were difficult to carry around – quills and ink pots made this difficult. The modern fountain pen and then the rollerball changed all that. The ability to carry writing material in a pocket, without an external ink reservoir, changed the written history.

Ancora, the Finest of Italy

Ancora 1919 ’s founder, Giuseppe Zanini, received his first fountain pen as a gift from a relative returning from Americas. A great enthusiast of mechanics, Zanini was immediately smitten by the device, its aesthetics and workings. A luxury in the Italian market, fountain pens were few and far in his land at that time. This did not stop Zanini from manufacturing his own pens. Soon, his pens became famous for their quality and he began selling to the very countries from which pens were imported into Italy.

Cryptocurrency Inspiration

Ancora 1919 , or Anchor 1919 in English, is the pen manufacturing company Zanini set up in 1919. For a more than a century, it has made the highest quality pens. The company is also famous for making pens with unique materials, ranging from gems and precious stones, to wood from the Titanic. Each pen is hand made, with intricate artwork that is varnished several times to protect the master pieces of work.

The company is inspired by the cryptocurrency rage that has taken over the world for the past few years and has launched limited series pens based on the Blockchain currencies. In the past, it has already released Bitcoin pens. This time, it has launched another set of pens, but inspired by the Ethereum platform. The pens are available in a limited number: 88 fountain pens and 888 rollerballs. Each pen offered has a personal production number etched onto the bottom of the pen, verifying its authenticity and uniqueness. The pens are black with gold colored logos of Ethereum.


Ethereum Pen Sale Event

Like a cryptocurrency, these unique pens are made available to investors using the token generation event format. The pre production event has already begun on 8th April and will end at 8th May. during this time, the pens will be available to early investors for a 50% discount, the fountain pens going for $1250 and the rollerball for $1000.

The production stage will cause the discount to drop to 40%, the fountain and the rollerball available for $1500 and $1200 respectively. This stage will begin on 12th May and last till the 27th. From 1st of July, retail stage will see the pen available for the full price of $2500 for the fountain variety and $2250 for the rollerball type.

Unlike Ethereum, the pens are capped at 88 fountain and 888 rollerball pens and no more will ever be made, making each pen a unique writing tool that is to be cherished forever. The pens can be selected for any of the numbers and are subject to first come, first serve basis.

For more information on the crypto inspired pens, visit the Ancora 1919’s Ethereum Pen websitehttps://www.eth-pen.com/