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“Crypto Robby” Schwener: Hada DBank’s Top Advisor Appears on Crypto Curious Podcast

Last Updated May 12, 2023 5:41 AM
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Last Updated May 12, 2023 5:41 AM

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The blockchain is getting all the attention it can from every corner of the world. The immense coverage is justified. With the ever-increasing adaptability in every conceivable sector, this little piece of technology is revolutionizing information storage and retrieval.

Hada DBank: Banking The Islamic Way

Malaysian banking startup, Hada DBank, is the world’s first Blockchain based Islamic bank  that is embracing the decentralized technology. From an Islamic majority country, the founders of Hada DBank know how much important it is for Muslims to have a bank that is in compliance with there religious rules.

In Islam, it is forbidden to earn from fixed profits and interest, the basis of earnings in a traditional banking sector. This limits the options for practicing Muslims around the world. In an effort to give Muslims the banking options they need worldwide, the team developed Hada DBank: a bank that is Shariah (Islamic rules) compliant and decentralized, making use of the Blockchain technology to give fast, efficient and secure services around the world.

Hada DBank offers a great array of services such as free e-wallet, savings account, a full-sized exchange, debit cards, AI financial advisor and zero interest loans.


The bank, although designed to be Shariah compliant, is available for any person, Muslim or not.

Crypto Robby’s Interview On Crypto Curious

Hada DBank’s  top advisor, Robby Schwertner was recently a special guest on the Crypto Curious Podcast. He spoke about his passion for Blockchain and his belief in the world-changing future of the technology.

Hosted by the duo, James, and Jeremy, Crypto Curious asked Robby on his views on Blockchain. Crypto Robby informed them and the listeners on how he read the infamous bitcoin and Blockchain papers by Satoshi Nakamoto. This got him interested in the technology 4 years back. From a background in real estate, he mistook it for some work on a chain of houses or buildings (Block). As he read it, he realized his mistake but became interested in the technology’s concept and how it can be adapted to work for different sectors.

The technology’s ability to be secure, fast, efficient, low resource hungry and immune to hacking makes it perfect for businesses involving transactions of value, be it data, money or anything that can be represented digitally.

When asked about the banking sector’s reaction to Blockchain, he said that where there are banks that are concerned it will impact their business, there are others who are adapting the technology to their use. Either way, the technology is going to stay.

HADACOIN, Digitizing The Economy

Like all Blockchain based platform, Hada DBank  has its own token, the HADACOIN. It is an Ethereum based ERC20 standard token that enables Hada users to conduct transactions within the system, like shopping through the debit card, receive profits and dividends, as a collateral for loans, trading and much more.

HADACOIN is currently running through its generation event, where nearly 67,000 tokens, out of 50,000,000, have already been acquired by individual backers. First million tokens are available at a discount of 50%, going at a rate of 1 ETH = 4000 HADA.

For further information on the decentralized bank, visit: https://www.hada-dbank.com/