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CrowdPrecision: The Outsource Evolution

Last Updated May 2, 2023 11:43 AM
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Last Updated May 2, 2023 11:43 AM
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The crowdsourcing trend has grown alongside the Internet and technology itself; the system consists of spreading a series of tasks to an audience to tackle several issues, this way external collaborators become part of a process they could only observe before. Using crowdsourcing methodology strategy helps corporations to upgrade their procedures and create a direct communication channel, through the motivation and evaluations of the public and customers. The CrowdPrecision  project highlights the deciding points in which current crowdsourcing platforms are failing and instead proposes a new perspective in the shape of a revolutionary digital platform.

The Crowdsourcing Revolution

Through the launch on July 22nd, thanks to the CrowdPrecision developers, users will have a unified channel, dedicated to:

  • Full-time personnel recruitment,
  • Freelance agents assignment to carry specific jobs.
  • Resolution of tasks by a broad audience

And in a global aspect:

  • Microtasking

Decentralized Technology For Specific Approaches


The blockchain technology is currently enhancing every sector when redefining shift on their business approaches. To divide functions into a set of duties is the new approach for efficient business management, which allows companies to more accurately control of their expenses as well as users obtain higher extra income using all the potentials of a world that revolves around digital environments.

In the CrowdPrecision protocol, a set of variable nodes are allowed to sustain an unalterable recording of the different transactions, when practicing the work collaboration plan, procedures are carried out evenly, the agreements are managed and performed due to the use of smart contracts where the negotiations are settled in algorithms; when meeting the requirements they get activated and executed automatically. It is an integration tool in which numerous outsourcing platforms are joined, the collaborator’s profiles get unified in a single and user-friendly environment.

CrowdPrecision Partnerships

CrowdPrecision offers a unified platform for a proper administration and control of the crowdsourcing community, which allows to carry out an ideal management. The digital environment provided by this project opens a space for companies to be part of an already established marketplace with collaborators commanding and performing thousands of tasks per day. The platform is supported thanks to partnerships with:

  • Microworkers: A leading company in the field of microtasks operation; has been offering its solutions for more than nine years; with a worldwide working community of more than 1.1 million and almost 40 million of fulfilled tasks.

The employers, as well as the community that is already participating in these platforms, will have the opportunity to join a new blockchain vision of crowdsourcing.

  • ScaleHub: This cloud-based software is a titan concerning processing and handling of documentation for complex digitization tasks.

The crowdfunding business transparency system makes the aim attractive for both the general positioning and customer ’s opinion, where users or customers can join forces on solving tasks, wishing to collaborate through task-resolution for the company can receive benefits by a secure and transparent system. Guaranteeing the efficiency and innovation of the platform.

CrowdPrecision Trust and Reputation System

As the different tasks are accomplished each of the users will accumulate a value that will increase their position within the system, as follows to receiving payment, collaborators can also raise their competitivity approach, and companies can reach to them after evaluating their profiles. Agreements and interactions between collaborators and the corporations would be registered in the blockchain structure, which allows both sides to analyze in depth the concept and the quality of the counterpart.

Supporting Success

In the remuneration area, it is inefficient to adopt a different payment channel for each worker, quantification and payments get widely reduced among web transfers as a consequence of the exchange rates and surcharge percentages.

With a payment platform in cryptocurrency, users have the opportunity to utilize a powerful token in which each payment can be released quickly and effectively.

You can access and control your own finances freely, making it easy to adopt the encrypted wallets, avoiding massive capital losses. The node-distributed ledger and its platform CP Token (CPT) diminishes expenses by eliminating currency exchange obstacles, and enables the platform for participants without needing sharing bank entities or external payment means.

Ultimate Focus

Each of the workers and employers will have a virtual wallet to improve the previous payment procedures. The benefit of becoming part of a revolutionary ICO such as CrowdPrecision relies on, besides boosting an original project rooted on the latest high-quality system – the distributed ledger database- increasing the performance of your company, your investment will be revalued in cryptographic assets available for exchange all over the web.

The reality of business is presently going through an evolution stage, where digital portals and tools are taking command as excellent alternatives against conventional techniques limitations and providing a new perspective for industries all over the world. CrowdPrecision generate solutions into a single convenient platform for businesses expanding their market presence and increasing their value.