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Crowdholding: A New Way to Earn Cryptocurrency

Last Updated April 25, 2023 8:21 AM
Guest Writer
Last Updated April 25, 2023 8:21 AM

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The cryptocurrency ecosystem is growing at a ferocious rate. From nations looking to create their own token, to large corporations looking into implementing blockchain technologies into their structures, more and more people are looking to obtain cryptocurrency as the world slowly starts to embrace this technological advancement.

Currently, the average user can acquire some tokens by signing up to bounty campaigns or airdrops, logging into crypto faucets,  investing in ICOs, or day trading more established coins. The issue is that each of these techniques has its flaws and risks, and to a new user, can seem daunting.

As one technology is growing, already established technologies such as social media are coming to dominate our lives, with users sharing all sorts of information about their daily habits,  ambitions, and desires. While other platforms are used to share knowledge and help those in need of guidance; whether writing a university essay or building a soapbox racing car, help is at hand.

Of course, one of the major hurdles for a start-up is funding; companies are under immense pressure to raise the required capital to get their idea off the ground. The next evolutionary step of the sharing economy’s social aspect addressed this problem- the creation of numerous platforms that allow users to fund an idea using nothing but the power of ¨the crowd¨. Thus, crowdfunding was born.


The inability to gather enough feedback from the potential users, be it from a demo test or a whitepaper-based idea, is yet another factor that prevents companies from realising their potential. The result is that teams launch products that users do not actually need, find difficult to use, or simply do not understand how to utilise in their day-to-day lives. Regular feedback and collaboration in an open economy is one way to ensure that launched projects are indeed market ready.

What is Crowdholding?

Crowdholding  is the next evolutionary step onward from crowdfunding. The platform allows people to earn cryptocurrency in a new and innovative way- through their feedback and responses to tasks. Just like the more social community focused platforms, Crowdholding  enables enterprises to collaborate with the crowd. Doing so can help businesses to understand market needs, improve their business model, and create better action plans. The net result is reduced research & development (R&D) costs, much higher productivity due to the focus on the product vision, and increased revenues. Given the decentralised nature of blockchain projects, Crowdholding  looks to be a great platform to attract pre-ICO and ICO projects. It will allow teams to launch their Bounty campaigns and share their own token with the users. Users´ wallets are connected to the platform, thus they can immediately receive the tokens and exchange them for money.

Why is it unique?

The majority of crypto projects are nothing more than an idea on a piece of paper; very few launch an ICO with a demo or a minimum viable product (MVP). However, Crowdholding’s platform is live and fully functional. And before the reader questions the actual utility of the platform, more than 15 blockchain businesses have been onboarded, including some established tokens that are already on exchanges.

This sounds great for the platform and the ICOs themselves, but they´re not the only ones to profit. The actual users of the platform have received nearly $300,000 for contributing their time and completing tasks on Crowdholding.com.

The reward for carrying out different tasks, be it general consulting or content creation, will be sent upon the expiration of the task. Everyone on the platform is paid in YUP, or other tokens, meaning the interests of businesses, supporters and Crowdholding are aligned – as the crowd grows, so does the value of the YUP. In summer 2018, Crowdholding is going to launch a crowdfunding platform where YUP holders will be able to re-invest their tokens into other blockchain startups.

How to become a Crowdholder?

Simply login into Crowdholding.com , leave feedback on tasks on the project you like, and receive your first  crypto reward!

The YUP tokens will be available for purchasing on the Singapore exchange CoinHub.io  this month. In addition, it will be available on and a few more P2P decentralized exchanges : Omega One, BitShares, Etherdelta and KyberNetwork.

You can keep up with the latest developments by following the team on Medium  or Telegram.