Coinzone Payment Solution To Launch Bitcoin Wallet For European Currencies

Coinzone, a Europe-based bitcoin payment solution provider, will soon launch a new bitcoin wallet that will support European currencies. Coinzone has developed the wallet to address privacy and legal frameworks in operation across Europe. It will feature multi-layer verifications. The wallet will launch this summer.

Coinzone launched its merchant payment gateway and point-of-sale platform in December of 2014 and has already signed up 1,500 merchants, according to the company.

“The Coinzone Wallet will be unique for a number of reasons, both at launch and also looking ahead to the future,” Manuel Heilmann, CEO and co-founder, told “For launch, our goal is to make it very easy to spend bitcoin. It’s a simple yet very crucial feature that is either missing or not easy to use in other wallets.”

The wallet will be available wherever users have a web browser. Android and iOS apps will enable users to manage and authorize bitcoin transactions while on the move.

Strong understanding of European rules

Coinzone brings a strong understanding of the European regulatory landscape – specifically EU privacy, secure payment and data protection laws, according to Heilmann. Data will be securely hosted in European data center locations, giving Coinzone wallet users protection under European privacy laws.

The wallet will be available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Romanian and Dutch. “We will roll out additional countries and languages in the coming months after the launch,” Heilmann said. “Also, our customer service will initially support English 24/7, German, French, Romanian and Spanish. We want to be able to respond to inquiries around the clock because customers can’t wait till next day to get a response regarding a purchase or sale of bitcoin.”

The wallet will support EUR, GBP, Czech Koruna, Romanian Lei and USD currencies.

“Our aim is to make it easy for European consumers to do more with bitcoin,” continued Heilmann. “From peer-to-peer payments to spending bitcoins with businesses, we’ve designed a hassle-free wallet solution that allows users to transact with confidence, utilizing the local language, currency and payment instruments that are relevant to where they live.”

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More to come

“As we move forward, our wallet is going to be used for much more than just bitcoin. The wallet marks the beginning towards our ultimate vision which is to enable the world to manage all their assets in one place which we call the Internet of Assets.”

“We’ve developed Coinzone Wallet in response to an overwhelming demand from users seeking a wallet that stores their sensitive information locally in Europe,” he noted.

The top five most active countries on the Coinzone platform are France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Romania, according to Heilmann. “We just launched in the U.K. and Czech Republic and they are growing quickly.”

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