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CoinMetro Raises $4 Million USD within 12 Hours of Token Sale Going Live

Last Updated May 12, 2023 5:17 AM
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Last Updated May 12, 2023 5:17 AM
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Bitcoin Press Release: Progressive blockchain startup CoinMetro  raises $4 Million USD within the twelve hours of their Token Sale for XCM that began on 21st of February, 2018.

February 27th 2018, Hong Kong, Hong Kong – CoinMetro  has managed to achieve what very few have; within twelve hours of the TGE (Token Generation Event) going live, CoinMetro and its vision was welcomed with open arms, raising $4 Million USD.

The CoinMetro Token Sale

Over 100 Million XCM have been sold already in one of the fastest moving TGEs, the Pre-Sale came extremely close to raising $10 Million at the end of their Pre-Sale period. Having reached the 100 Million mark, CoinMetro  enters a new round of pricing and bonus offerings as detailed below:

100M XCM Sold – 8% TBPR 1 + lifetime CM discount 2 +0.01 price increase
150M XCM Sold – 11% TBPR 1 + 0.01 price increase
200M XCM Sold – 14% TBPR 1 + lifetime pre-pre-token sale invites +0.01 price increase
250M XCM Sold – 17% TBPR 1 + lifetime FXPIG discount 3 +0.01 price increase
300M XCM Sold – 20% TBPR 1

“TBPR” stands for “Token Buyback Program Reserve” -Further details available in the whitepaper here .


Token Sale Fund Allocation

After two hundred million XCM are sold during the sale event, all participants are granted lifetime discounts on a vast array of fees pegged to services on CoinMetro and FXPIG’s platforms. CoinMetro strives to make best use of the funds generated by the Pre-Sale and main Token sale events, contributions will be allocated as follows:

  • 40% Platform Development, HR
  • 30% Marketing
  • 20% War chest; possible buyouts, takeovers, acquisitions, etc.
  • 10% Legal, Compliance, Regulatory

This is a tight plan to deliver a strong presence in the crypto markets whilst maintaining a backbone to diversify and expand the CoinMetro brand as time goes on. The total XCM distribution (500 Million) is also a dedication to keeping the ecosystem and value of XCM thriving:

  • 50% through Token Sale
  • 20% Liquidity
  • 10% CoinMetro Team & Shareholders*
  • 7.5% Community Rewards
  • 2.5% Advisor Compensation
  • 10% Public Pre-Sale

Meeting the Demand

CoinMetro  is boasting some of the most uniquely accessible and diverse features available on any cryptocurrency platform to date; they are designed solely with the purpose to provide users, traders and investors with traditional financial solutions.

A few brilliant examples of this would be CoinMetros true peer-to-peer crypto exchange through a time-locked smart contract feature called ‘Atomic Swapping’ – removing third party fees from two-party trades. As well as a crypto lending system granting passive income for investors and extremely low fees which stand at 0.10% (0.075% for all contributors due to the included lifetime discounts), with a view to being even lower.

Traditional financial solutions and services are a means to facilitating mass crypto-adoption, wherein traders and investors can use their crypto much like they do with their regular fiat currencies. The problem lies within the many niches and strands of blockchain technologies and their respective cryptocurrencies that cover only a small range of issues or offer very narrow utility. CoinMetro acts as a one-stop solution, to simplify crypto and move the market as well as its technologies onward toward transparency, decentralisation, and mass crypto-adoption.

CoinMetro  evidently has captured the imagination of the crypto-world, there is rallying support for a platform of this kind to take the market to a higher place; accessibility, diverse functions and a successful TGE are the hallmarks for a bright Blockchain company’s future. The CoinMetro token sale is currently live and will end March 31st 2018, with 300 Million XCM available for the sale. All unsold tokens will be burnt to preserve the price of XCM, after the token sale. The current ICO price of XCM is $0.15.

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