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CoinJanitor Launches Project to Clean up Dead Coins

Last Updated May 2, 2023 11:02 AM
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Last Updated May 2, 2023 11:02 AM

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CoinJanitor  will pay users to hand over their worthless cryptocurrency, integrating them back into the markets.

A unique project that will clean up the markets from dead coins is about to launch. CoinJanitor will become the first project in the world to take care of coins that failed with a unique approach to the problem. The idea is to buy out dead coin holders, giving them a way to recover some of the investment they lost in these dead coins. Once the buy outs are complete, CoinJanitor will own all the assets that belong to that coin, so it can create new tools using the data, code and other relevant assets.

A Creative Concept from Seasoned Cryptocurrency Specialists

The idea comes from a team of highly reputable cryptocurrency specialists, led by Marc Kenigsberg, a notorious Bitcoin advocate and early adopter. Marc Kenigsberg has been involved with the gambling industry since 1999 and was responsible for some of the largest brands in the world. 6 years ago, he became involved with Bitcoin and has been a passionate advocate ever since, launching BetChain, one of the biggest Bitcoin casinos in the space and Bitcoin Chaser, one of the biggest affiliate sites in the space.

Marc came up with the idea for CoinJanitor after a discussion about failed blockchain projects. No one really knows what happens when a blockchain project dies or how it failed. Nevertheless, there can be as many as 3,000 such projects, trapping value that can be recycled.


Anatomy of the Market

Many don’t realize how deep the problem is. There are more than 4,500 cryptocurrencies in circulation, but only about 1,500 are traded. The remaining 3,000+ are relegated to the fringe. That is more than 67% of the coins that exist, but not a lot of people are aware of this.

CoinJanitor Sweeps Crypto Dust

Therefore, there is a need in the market to deal with all these dead coins, provide hope to thousands of dead coin holders and a strong case for creating new tools based on these crypto-scraps for the benefit of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. That is why CoinJanitor will start buying out these dead coin projects, looking at their code, the data within their blockchains, their marketing assets and more so that they can come up with creative new ideas to produce tools and services by recycling.

CoinJanitor Offers Rewards Program to Spread the Word

Anyone can get involved with the CoinJanitor project at various levels. CoinJanitor launched a rewards program to help it spread the word and get started with the buy out process. This bounty program is now live, and anyone can participate. Here  are the details about the rewards program and how to claim them.

Public Sale

Once the JAN token is deployed and the buy outs begin, CoinJanitor will burn all the tokens it buys out and will be left only with the assets that these projects have. The JAN token, that was engineered to become a tool for these buy outs, will be the only buy out tool that the project uses. CoinJanitor will be offering this token to the public beginning on May 1st. The sale will end on May 31st, and buyers will be able to enjoy all the development that CoinJanitor will bring based on the code and the data that it will acquire while it cleans up dead coins.

Join the Janitor!

Anyone interested in this project, can have a look at its website . CoinJanitor also has a Telegram group  that people can join to ask its team questions. The project also has Twitter  and Facebook accounts that people can follow for the latest news about the project.