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Cody Wilson: I Will Wrestle the Bitcoin Foundation to its Suicide

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM
Giulio Prisco
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM

disband.itTwo months ago we reported that crypto-anarchist Cody Wilson disclosed that he would run for a board seat on the Bitcoin Foundation for no other reason than to disband the organization from within.

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Now he has written an article  where he elaborates on why the Bitcoin Foundation is bad and why it must be destroyed.

“This Bitcoin Foundation works to provide the moral foundation for state action against bitcoin. Its apologists’ proliferating canards aren’t just the justification of the state-form in thought, but the State’s literal and active manifestation. For the State is not just institutional, it is immanent in thought – it guides, even determines thought’s possibilities.”

In a previous article  on the disband.it website, Wilson clearly and bluntly stated his program.

“I will wrestle the Foundation to its suicide. Articles of Dissolution, the press, Daddy State and his AG. I will use any tool necessary. And though it is already wholly discredited, its death will make an inexpiable breach. Unpardonable too, since it will be an action against the orthodoxy of value – the only thing these banal bitcoiners and legitimists seem to understand.”

The whole disband.it  website, so far consisting of the two articles mentioned, is dedicated to Wilson’s mission to disband the Bitcoin Foundation.

“THIS BITCOIN FOUNDATION [was] always an embarrassing exercise in bad faith and state philosophy. It was always a vessel for frauds and second-rate minds to collude against the public. I invite you now to its ritual sacrifice.”

Wilson is a co-founder of Dark Wallet, a project that adds layers of privacy and anonymity to Bitcoin transactions. He is also a co-founder and director of Defense Distributed, a stealth organization that made waves by releasing the specs of a 3D-printable gun. As his trajectory shows, Wilson is a staunch crypto-anarchist who wants to use emerging technologies such as 3D printing and Bitcoin to disrupt “the system.”

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