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Cloud Gaming Solution Playkey Announces Decentralized, Blockchain-Based Platform

Last Updated May 8, 2023 11:17 AM
Francisco Memoria
Last Updated May 8, 2023 11:17 AM

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In the last few years, the gaming industry has evolved into a $109 billion giant, in which 2.2 billion gamers participate in various platforms, according to Newzoo’s Global Games Market report .

As impressive as these numbers may be, according to Steam statistics of users’ hardware, 81% of PC gamers aren’t able to play brand new titles, as they’re either forced to spend well over $2,000 on a gaming rig that will allow them to meet the hardware demands of these titles, or forced to play older gamers while the rest moves on.

Using cloud gaming solution, Playkey , gamers can play hardcore games using any device, regardless of CPU and GPU requirements. Unlike most companies launching ICOs, Playkey already has a working platform  with over 120 servers in Europe, and 1.5 million monthly visits, and millions in revenue every year.

Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

Playkey’s unique approach allows users to either play their own steam games, or purchase them from Playkey, in order to play them using someone else’s computing power. This way, users with low-end PCs can play whatever games they wish to play, and user with high-end rigs will earn revenue for enabling other gamers.


Playkey is currently seeking to raise funds to launch its blockchain-based, decentralized, peer-to-peer platform in exchange for Playkey (PKT) tokens. These are Ethereum-based tokens that will be used on the platform by gamers to purchase monthly, weekly, or daily subscriptions, and to pay for third-party gaming services such as streaming, in-game purchases, servers, and more.

In addition, users who set up rigs (miners) and enable fellow gamers to enjoy games on their rig via Playkey’s cloud gaming platform will be able to earn tokens. The influx of tokens miners will provide the platform will be stabilized by a professional market maker on Playkey’s team, who will both support exchanges and use the company’s reserve to keep PKT prices stable.

According to a press release, Playkey has already planned to have the PKT token listed on several exchanges, including Cryptopia, CoinExchange, Lykke, and Evercoin. It is currently negotiating with a few others, in order to provide its users as much liquidity as possible.

Playkey allows users to try their platform before committing to it with a 30-minute demo.

Playkey’s Upcoming Token Sale

Playkey’s token sale, for gamers who do not wish to create their own mining rigs and earn tokens, is going to start on November 1, effectively allowing them to be a part of the ecosystem. One PKT token will be sold at 0.004 ETH, and the company plans on setting a hard cap at 240,000 ETH for the ICO.

Early investors will be able to get 1.3% to 15% bonuses  depending on when they purchase the token. Playkey’s founders have strong ties to the gaming community and, as such, are looking to distribute their tokens to gamers. The company’s advisors have lead international expansion efforts for companies such as Riot Games, Ubisoft, and Oculus.

To keep up with the project, make sure you join the discussion on their Telegram  channel.