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CirclePlus-Respect the Value of Labor

Last Updated May 2, 2023 9:46 AM
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Last Updated May 2, 2023 9:46 AM
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Value creation derives from labor, no matter physical labor and mental labor.

The traditional corporate organizational structure and surplus value distribution system in the contemporary society decide that the weight of labor value only occupies a minority in the distribution. Most surplus values are grabbed by investors and the management layer, which is an extreme contempt and mockery of labor value.

As the world enters a VUCA era, the organization will need decentralized networking and distributed right structure, agile and dynamic iterations as well as autonomous operation and chain-development ecology under the subversive influence of digital technology.

Meanwhile, with upgrading of individual consciousness and cognition, young people in the new era crave more for jobs embodying individual values and demands. More and more men of insight believe that commercial and individual success needs all-win pattern. This not only brings wealth accumulation but also enriches the life of individuals.

It can be said that most competent workers in the new era hope to realize their expectation for maximization of personal values in the companies or organizations with loose organizational structures, reasonable right and benefit distribution and sharing value orientations.


Therefore, in the foreseeable future, more excellent mental workers will abandon traditional hierarchical organizational structures and blend themselves in enterprises or organizations which more conform to personal values with more open ecology and higher freedom degree. To realize this aspiration is rightly the final goal and mission of CirclePlus.

CirclePlus  establishes a trans-circles management framework integrating work, life and communities for the global new generation of mental forces. Users play one or multiple roles in different circles and they can realize more real themselves through this “multi-role-combined verification” in both life and work.

CirclePlus provides dozens of global mainstream autonomous and hierarchy-free organizational management modes for platform users, supplemented by dozens of distributed working, official business discussing and decision-making tools. While letting entrepreneurs find the distributed cooperation method which more conforms to their ideal goals, CirclePlus can agilely formulate or correct the strategic orientation through highly efficient recommendation progress of these tools.

CirclePlus makes individual labor become the sole basis for final value distribution by providing entrepreneurial community users on the platform with modular smart contract tools established based on the blockchain technology. In different project development phases, users can publish new participation roles they need and find the right one through the specific circle. Project operation manager can rapidly distribute project work through task commanding tools, and the team members will vote on the completion status after role tasks are finished. The entrepreneurial community can gradually complete value distribution during project promotion process through this mechanism. This mechanism can make project participants be more of sense of mission and impetus, and meanwhile, it will not hinder them in actively participating in other projects in the same or different roles.

Entrepreneurial community development on CirclePlus will experience agile dynamic test and establishment of autonomous empowerment and finally, evolve into a trans-ecological blockchain organization. It’s not only an overall self-evaluation system provided by the platform for entrepreneurial community but also a grading evaluation mechanism through which the platform will provide investment channels for entrepreneurship programs in the future.

In the future, human beings need a world of hierarchy-free organizations, flattening capitals and more equal classes. CirclePlus is born to establish an ideal future and it will spare no efforts to finally realize it!

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