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ChangeTip Introduces A One Time Tip Link

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM
Carter Graydon
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM

ChangeTipChangeTip, a bitcoin micropayment startup, announced the release of a new feature: the One Time Tip Link. This new feature allows users to send bitcoins over email, chat messages, Skype, SMS/text.

Users can log into their ChangeTip account, navigate to “One Time Tip” and there they can choose the amount of money they want to tip. A link will be created, and the first person to click on the link gets the tip.

Currently, ChangeTip exists on the social media networks people use every day, such as Twitter, Reddit, Google+, Youtube, Tumblr and others. It is a fast and simple way to show appreciation with a micropayment in Bitcoin. ChangeTip wants to become “a Love button for the internet.” When a Like isn’t enough, people mention @changetip or u/changetip with an amount and ChangeTip takes care of the rest. Users often use predefined tips such as “beer” or “coffee”. A beer is worth $3.50 and a coffee $1.50 in bitcoin.changetip

While it’s not the first internet tipping system, it is the easiest one and fastest than its predecessors. ChangeTip takes things a step further with One Time Tip link. Even though senders still need a social media linked ChangeTip account, recipients don’t need an internet pretense to receive the tip.

You can now tip your Uber driver, send bitcoins to a friend and a countless number of ways to spread bitcoin with just a link. Users like Adam Guerbuez  had a giveaway – the first people to click his link received some bitcoin through the One Time Tip Link. Martin Holland at OurEverydayEarth set up an online scavenger hunt by hiding the links in posts.

ChangeTip has been in the spotlight this past month after a Cornell professor called them out for their potentially dangerous business model. The company maintains that it takes privacy seriously and has dismissed recent criticism of its business model and off-blockchain tips.

Images from ChangeTip and Shutterstock.