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ChainPay Asks, “Why Should Just Multinationals Accept Bitcoin?” After Bringing Bitcoin to WooCommerce

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM
Gerrard Hartley
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM

ChainPay 2In under five minutes, any store using WooCommerce for their customer’s shopping experience can enable bitcoin payments.

ChainPay posted a video tutorial of their new Wordpress plugin yesterday, and the results are fairly quick. In the four minute video, including a 30-second proof of the Wadsworth Constant , James Carter, founder of AltXE, installs the plugin, places an order and pays all in a smooth transaction.


ChainPay is the first product to launch out of the bitcoin startup AltXE, and Carter told CCN.com that the simple integration in ChainPay’s plugin is something they focused on from the start.

“The integration should be easy, Bitcoin is not complicated, really it’s just like any other kind of money transmission. It should be easy! Easy as PayPal, even easier in some cases. We wanted to make sure it was less than a 10 minute job when it came to it. Even we were surprised how easy it was when it came to the video!”

Currently there aren’t a plethora of users using the plugin, accord to Wordpress, but Carter believes that will change once ChainPay and AltXE spread the word about their company and get more businesses on board accepting bitcoin as a method of payment.

ChainPay Focusing Efforts on a Strong Userbase

ChainPay is taking payment processing in a different direction. While Coinbase and BitPay are partnering with large companies all over the world, ChainPay is focusing their efforts elsewhere during their starting days.

Carter told CCN.com that is would be great for ChainPay to be as big as their competitors, but that’s not the focus as of right now.

“Coinbase and BitPay are currently growing very fast, with extensive VC funding behind them. Whilst we would love to partner directly with businesses, and we can give them some really important personal features, we are currently growing our user base and proving out our technology.”

Carter also added a question, which calls back to something that may be forgotten in the big push toward bitcoin acceptance by Microsoft and other large corporations.

“Why should just multinationals be able to take Bitcoin? Bitcoin is for everyone, and ChainPay is helping make that a reality.”

Carter Says Isle of Man is a Great Place for Bitcoin

Previously, CCN.com published an article when ChainPay made the announcement that they were setting their sights on bringing bitcoin payments to more than 260 million European shoppers. In the article, Carter was able to talk about the Isle of Man and how accepting they are of bitcoin businesses.

“The Isle of Man has a great government which is really progressive on many things,” said Carter. “They really see the benefit of crypto, and how it’s the way of the future in terms of financial lifestyle.”

He also added that the government legislators are quite approachable when talking about bitcoin, and recalled a Coin Summit where he was able to talk with them about legal challenges and their idea of the future. A conducive environment like the Isle of Man sounds like a great place for bitcoin commerce, putting ChainPay in a favorable position.

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