An Apology to Apollo, John McAfee, and Our Readers

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Earlier this week, published an article written by our journalist Pedro Febrero on the Apollo project named “Warning: This John McAfee-Pumped Cryptocurrency Has Major Red Flags” that incorrectly characterized technical aspects about the cryptocurrency’s protocol, namely its privacy features. We apologize both to Apollo for unfairly depicting their project and to our readers for providing you with inaccurate information. We would also like to apologize to John McAfee that was included in the story, as he was/is promoting the Apollo project.

The article relied on information from a crypto research group, Jelurida, information that was out-of-date and no longer accurate but which continues to circulate.

Apollo rightfully called out for publishing this outdated and misleading research. We have removed the article from our website, and the author has written an updated piece that provides a more accurate picture of the current Apollo protocol. strives to provide you with accurate and unbiased reporting on cryptocurrency and financial markets, and we sincerely regret that we failed to accomplish that in this article on Apollo.

All journalists have signed and agreed to abide by the Code of Ethics of the Norwegian Press. We take violations of these standards seriously, and if you believe that a journalist has breached this code, please contact Director Jonas Borchgrevink.


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