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CCN is a part of Hawkfish AS. All journalists and editors follow the Code of Ethics of the Norwegian Press. CCN is an unbiased financial news site with a special focus on cryptocurrencies and US Markets. Journalists on CCN are free to write stories they want to cover. Op-eds are always marked and the views of the journalist or writer should not be attributed to CCN.

CCN was founded in the summer of 2013 by Jonas Borchgrevink.

Contact the core team:

Director: Jonas Borchgrevink – jonas.borchgrevink (at) ccn.com

Chief Editor: Samburaj Das – samburaj (at) ccn.com

U.S. Editor: Josiah Wilmoth – josiah.wilmoth (at) ccn.com

Assistant Editor: Gerelyn Terzo – gerelyn.terzo (at) ccn.com

Operations Manager: Pankaj Upadhyay – pankaj (at) ccn.com

Cryptocurrency Content Manager: Paul Madore – paul.madore (at) ccn.com

Talent Scout and CHRO: Pamela Meropiali – pamela.meropiali (at) ccn.com

For contact info to other journalists, please contact the director Jonas Borchgrevink.

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CCN is a part of Hawkfish AS with organization number 921020880.

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