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Business Activity Optimizer and B2B Social Network ZAZA Announces Pre Sale for Its Native Token

Last Updated May 8, 2023 8:28 AM
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Last Updated May 8, 2023 8:28 AM
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Bitcoin Press ReleaseZAZA , a blockchain business platform designed to revolutionize the way business is conducted, has announced its token pre-sale, beginning June 5th 2018. ZAZA aims to introduce transparency and innovative solutions into the B2B industry.

19th April 2018, Dubai, United Arab Emirates – ZAZA  platform , a blockchain startup designed to help businesses improve their activity and add heaps of transparency to their setup, announces a start date for its token pre-sale as the 5th June, 2018. The project will help companies and organizations enhance their business efficiency involving blockchain as a key factor in their daily operational performance. By proving a global business-oriented network, the platform will give way to strategic alliance exposure and trustworthy connections.

The platform has identified issues that plague today’s businesses and the way they connect with each other. By utilizing decentralization and its efficiencies, ZAZA platform brings Deal visibility, Trading and Business Connections into a whole new Smart level. Interaction without boundaries provides for users the possibility to use ZAZA’s database as a unique business searching tool , minimize costs and increase profitability.

The ZAZA Way

E-commerce platforms have their own set of problems: high commissions, unreliable reviews, complicated refund policies and slow transactions. ZAZA platform is designed with these issues in mind . The platform banks on the power of blockchain and gives the perfect solution by making transactions secure, fast and cheap. Being a multi-sided platform, the network effects to scale the user community with gamification for incentives like earning ZAZA tokens for validating new joiners and endorsing companies , products and  services that are rated by end users.


Buyers and sellers are given unprecedented access to a world wide audience with an individual rating system, allowing business to know beforehand, the standing of a party they will start dealing with. The benefits are obvious – no longer will business blindly be led into negotiations, and the potential pitfalls they can bring.

  • ZAZA platform ’s Deal Generator is a highly innovative solution for an incumbent market. It allows deals to be organically created in the shape of inquiries and allows users to view them in real-time, giving the inquirer immediate feedback and offers. The difficulty of tracking negotiations is often high – with ZAZA, the problem is no more. Requirements will be made immediately obvious, eliminating misunderstandings.
  • The Trading Platform gives businesses a place to promote a wide range of products and services, without any charge and start receiving offers. The offers are completed using Smart Contracts, giving both parties peace of mind about the quality of said services/products and the huge benefit of transparent transactions. In a market where trust is such a large factor, this feature is invaluable.
  • As a B2B network, companies and organizations will be able to connect at a worldwide level, transcending physical boundaries. The need to search for partners and connections in a time consuming manner is over – at the touch of a button, businesses are able to get an overview of the market, whilst transparent reviews enable clarity for all. This will give sellers and buyers more options to trade and a far larger market, giving companies the leg-up on the competition.

The ZAZA Token and Roadmap

ZAZA platform  will be using its own token, the ZAZA token for trading. With a total supply of 1 billion, 53%, or 0.53 billion ZAZA will be available for early backers. The pre sale starts on 5th June with a tag price of $0.07 per ZAZA token with bonuses that range from 25% to 50%, dependant on the invested amount. For more information on the token sale, visit ZAZA’s website.

The platform is set to launch in Q1, 2019 and the mobile based applications (Android and iOS) are to be developed in the second quarter. The launch of the platform initially covers the UAE, with European markets in Q3 of the same year, and North America by the start of 2020. The platform will be fully global by fall of 2021, catering for B2B businesses worldwide.

What benefits will ZAZA platform bring to your business? ZAZA platform will help you not only succeed but excel, allow you to find the best partners in the market, and will grant support, reliability, and transparency. To find out more, visit the website , or visit the whitepaper .

Learn more about ZAZA’s Platform– https://zaza-world.io/ 
Read ZAZA’s Whitepaper – https://zaza-world.io/docs/ZAZA%20Whitepaper.pdf 
Chat with ZAZA’s team on Telegram – https://t.me/ZAZA_ICO 
Follow ZAZA on Twitter – https://twitter.com/Zaza75145490 
Follow ZAZA on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ZAZA-ICO-1965128616832780/ 
Learn more about ZAZA on Medium – https://medium.com/@ZAZAICO/ 

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