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Browser Mined Blockchains the Secret Key to Mass Adoption

Last Updated April 13, 2023 10:27 AM
Last Updated April 13, 2023 10:27 AM

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What Is Browser Mining?

Browser mined blockchains provide a simple entry point to the world of cryptocurrency encouraging mainstream adoption whilst providing a sustainable long term solution to the excessive power usage of traditional cryptocurrencies.

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Proof of work algorithms created an arms race for high powered mining equipment deployed at scale to compete for mining rewards. Now Bitcoin alone uses more electrical power than many countries and could reach 0.5% of world demand by the end of 2018. Browser mining uses surplus resources within a web browser to provide the power for blockchain technology.



JSEcoin is the first and most popular opt-in only browser mined blockchain. The mining is divided into two pools for publishers and self-miners. Self-miners log into the web platform or desktop app and mine in the background while browsing the web. The publishers place a code snippet on their website and visitors opt-in to start mining. JSEcoin’s ethical and transparent approach could be a genuine replacement for banner ads as a way of monetizing web content.

The founder and CEO James Bachini said in a statement

“Our vision of the future is for consensus to be reached using the computational power of a users device rather than from server farms run by giant corporations and mining pools”

Live Platform Since August 2017

The JSE platform has been live since August 2017 and wants to bring cryptocurrency to a mainstream audience. With 90,000+ registered users, 20,000+ publisher websites and over 30 million opted-in miners they are on their way to achieving this. You can set up an account at https://platform.jsecoin.com/ 

Investment Opportunity?

The ICO launches this month and the project is set to raise funds for development and marketing to target their goal of mainstream adoption.