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BREAKING: An 8,000-acre Wildfire Threatens So-Called World’s First Bitcoin Town In Block Chain Valley

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:44 PM
Justin OConnell
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:44 PM

An 8,000-acre wildfire, dubbed the ‘Rock fire’, threatens the so-called Block Chain Valley, according to lone resident Morgan Rockwell. Having started at approximately 4:10pm on Wednesday, the fire has already destroyed several outbuildings. The local newspaper, Lake County News, has been experiencing a denial of service attack for hours amid the fire.


In Upper Lake, Block Chain Valley is not under an evacuation order as of this writing. Block Chain Valley, according to Rockwell, has numerous initiatives underway, including attempts to bring Tesla into Bitcoin. Though his vision grand, Rockwell’s previous initiatives failed to come to fruition. Some of his former clients claim to have never received refunds for products like the BitSwitch and offerings such as KShares. While he sold a BitSwitch to BitPay, his promise to bring KShares to NYSE never came through. The embattled entrepreneur claims to now be working on his dream: building a space ship.


Rockwell has documented trips to Las Vegas on his Facebook, as well as invites to investment parties where you can “Party like a rock star, invest like a BOSS.” Recently in Las Vegas for one of his investment parties, Rockwell was arrested.



Rockwell’s methods of soliciting investment, moreover, are irreverent to say the least: 


“[The supercharger station] will bring our headquarters more customers, foot and auto traffic to the town we are currently buying up, and it will bring the people inside Tesla who I’ve educated about Bitcoin into our business in both relationships and partnerships,” Rockwell told CCN.com for a previous article. “A self-driving Tesla vehicle that responds to Bitcoin payment is one of the larger goals for putting block chain technology inside of a tesla.” The Northern California town has one Bitcoin-centered feature: a gas station where Rockwell lives.

“It is a mad scientist lab inside a 100-year old gas station,” Rockwell explains. “I’ve built three office spaces in the back metal garage building and am building the front lobby into a Robot shop for now with the ATM, and a farmers market in back.” Admittedly, Rockwell’s vision is not for certain.

“It’s not even in my possession yet this wont be used until after 2020 at least, so no one is coming and all are leaving and I’m buying and taking possession of all vacant and for sale land,” Rockwell tells CCN.com as the fire burned just miles away.

I’m going to finish paying for the title and redevelop it when i have more funds.

I asked Rockwell if Block Chain Valley had insurance. It does not.

“No. Not yet,” he says. That might not matter, though, so long as Block Chain Valley escapes the current threat, for Rockwell plans to move. “I do live here and work here alone, but I am going to move,” he says.

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